Static App Review: A polished stat tracker for your social media accounts


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Social networks are deeply ingrained into the fabric of modern day life. We all use a variety of social platforms for work as well as play and we’re all probably (maybe even secretly) obsessed with keeping track of our number of followers, friends, connections and other metrics across these services.

Static for iPhone is an app that aims to bring all of those numbers together into one app to save you hopping between different apps to keep track of this stuff yourself.

static screens 1Using Static is fairly easy. The interface is simple and fits in with iOS 7 nicely (although opting for subtler greys and pastel colors rather than iOS’s harsher whites and bright hues). To add an account, all you have to do is tap the ‘+’ icon, select which social platform you want to add from the icons and log in with that service. For Facebook and Twitter, its even easier due to their integration into iOS.

You get five open slots for free meaning you can have data from 5 accounts represented in the app without spending a dime. For most people, this will probably be enough to manage all of your personal accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. If you have more than 5 accounts you’d like to manage, extra slots can be acquired via in-app purchase. A single slot will set you back $0.99/£0.69, a pack of 10 costs $4.99/£2.99 or you can be granted unlimited slots with a $1.99/£1.49 monthly subscription.

Static supports an impressive array of services: Facebook (including Facebook pages), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Analytics, Github, FeedPress, Dribbble, Tumblr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Google+, VK, Behance and Vimeo.

static screens 2When you’ve added all your accounts, you’re ready to dive in and see some data. In the list view, you’ll be able to quickly see how many followers or friends you have on any particular service. Each account can be tapped to reveal a different metric — number of tweets on Twitter or number of photos taken on Instagram, for example. Tapping on the service icon to the left also brings up further options such as viewing a daily breakdown of your data, opening that service’s app or deleting the slot.

Another great feature for the data lovers is Static’s ability to show your account activity over time plotted on a graph. You can swipe to view previous stats and scroll between your accounts in this view to give you detailed way to see how your metrics have changed.

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For its purpose, Static is really good but I have a couple of qualms with Static’s UI from my personal usage which I think have been caused by the desire for a stripped down interface.

Firstly, the notifications panel at the bottom of the screen seems a little squashed into the space and it might have benefitted from a different placement within the app. Another issue I had in the list view was that there is no indication that tapping the service’s icon brings up more functions than simply tapping your username. Tapping the username cycles through some different metrics for the service but tapping the icon brings up a menu bar with different functions (the menu bar also requires a swipe to remove, another confusing aspect). These aren’t huge issues by any means, just little barriers to entry I found when first using Static. Once overcome, using Static is really quite straightforward.

The wrap-up

The good: Static is a very clean, slick social stat tracking utility. It’s simple to pick up and use and there are enough free account slots for most users. The implementation of in-app purchases is also pretty well done — the more you find value in the app, the more you’ll be willing to pay.

The bad: A few UI inconsistencies and moments where it feels like form is valued over function somewhat.

The verdict: Static for iPhone is a great litte too for keeping a track of your social media stats. It’s great for the data-nerd in all of us and brings all of your metrics together into one place. Check out Static now on the App Store and download for free!


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  • Thanks a lot for writing this review! We are currently working on a new update to fix the UI issues and will also have android and windows apps out in the Summer this year. We will also have a crowd-funding campaign going live very soon so watch this space!