iWatch features in Apple patent that can detect accidental keystrokes

A patent published today has revealed how future Apple tech will be able to distinguish between intentional and accidental keystrokes when operating a touch screen.

The “Softkeys for electronic devices” patent features integrated sensors that can supposedly distinguish between accidental and intentional strokes. Whilst the idea of a smarter keyboard is rather enticing, what’s perhaps most interesting about this particular patent is its specific mention of smart watches. Such devices are perhaps a lot more exposed to accidental button pressing because you wear them on your wrist, however the patent does mention phones and tablets in its coverage too.

Apple-patent-press-1Of course, without the Android bonus of third-party keyboard software, the impetus remains with Apple to continue enhancing its keyboard input experience to make sure that typing on an iPhone and an iPad is a fluent and easy as it can be. As my good friend Cam once admitted, there’s nothing particularly persuasive about telling someone to “Get the duck off my lawn”. With that in mind, it’s great to see a patent that might be applicable to all areas of a touch screen, as well as a device’s physical buttons in order to prevent accidental input, the results of which can sometimes be more significant than others.

However, patented Apple technology is often slow to enter the consumer market. It was likely this tech was patented some years ago, so the more pressing detail to take away would certainly be a technology that mentions smartwatches in its coverage. Surely if Apple is making allowances for wearable technology in its patents it has to have some kind of smartwatch device in the pipelines? If Apple did make a smartwatch of some kind, what kind of physical/touch screen input would you expect to feature?

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Via: Macdigger.ru


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