iTunes on OS X reimagined with iOS 7-style makeover in stunning new concept


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A new concept from Brye Kobayashi has completely redesigned the Mac OS X version of iTunes with iOS 7 as its inspiration.

We’re expecting the next version of OS X, set to be revealed at WWDC in just a couple of weeks, to take on more design cues from its mobile counterpart and this new concept shows exactly what could happen if iTunes on the Mac met the iOS 7 Music app.

Kobayashi says:

iTunes is on one of the most essential applications on OS X. For many of us, it aggregates all our music, movies, apps and backups for our devices. While over the years updates have added functionality, the overall experience hasn’t really changed.

Taking clues from Apple’s updated online stores and iOS’s design elements, the designer has “remastered” iTunes on OS X.

As you can see in the images, the new iTunes would appear much ‘flatter’ and adopt more white space. User interface elements like playback controls, buttons and tabs would be immediately familiar to iOS users.

iTunes Kobayashi 2When viewing the iTunes store, interface elements adopt the blue color from the iOS 7 iTunes app while viewing one’s music library will present the pink/red interface elements from the iOS Music app. Overall, the design is much more open, visual and bright than the current OS X iTunes app yet remains enough familiarity with older Mac version and iOS’s UI to be immediately useful.

I am incredibly fond of this new design and think it could be a great way to reimagine OS X iTunes with iOS 7 as the inspiration. iTunes on the Mac hasn’t changed much in previous years and now could be the time to bring a radical redesign like this.

iTunes Kobayashi 3It would be interesting to see how this concept for a new iTunes works as a window pane instead of full-screen, however. Kobayashi’s mockups all show iTunes taking up the whole Mac screen leaving questions unanswered as to how ‘flatter’ windows would interact with each other on one screen.

What do you think of this iTunes concept? Would you like to see OS X iTunes get an iOS 7-style makeover? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet me: @TiP_AdamO.

Hit the source link to see Kobayashi’s blog post with plenty more images and explanations regarding the design decisions in this concept.

Source: KUROCHA via The Tech Block

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  • Aldebaran

    It’d be great if Apple just left iTunes for music and create separate apps for Podcasts, Videos, iOS device manager, and iTunes store.