iPhone 6 weekend rumor roundup: Waterproofing, renderings and a gold iPhone

Fresh iPhone 6 rumors surfacing over the weekend have brought us a couple of really nice manufacturing renderings, as well as reports that the iPhone 6 may be waterproof and shots of a gold iPhone!

Renderings of a 4.7-inch device were leaked onto a Chinese website, seemingly confirming certain changes and updates we’ve already seen in previous rumors. The diagrams below appear to show a move towards more rounded edges and corners, a move away from the sharper design of the 5s and more towards the iPhone 5cĀ and the earliest generation iPhones. Also evident is the two-tone design at the top and bottom of the device on the real panel, which we’ve seen in a couple of other leaks.


The second shot also reveals larger volume buttons and the power/lock button, which has been moved to the side of the device to compensate for its larger size. There also appears to be a much larger hole for the iPhone 6’s camera, which certainly suggests an improvement there.


Alongside these leaked renderings come reports that the iPhone 6 will feature waterproof protection. These shots from Phone Arena appeared to show the iPhone 6 fully manufactured, with another shot showing the iPhone 6 totally submerged.

iphone-6-leaked (1)

The models above seem fairly legitimate, but of course, any fool can throw an iPhone in the bath. The waterproofing rumor seems a little sketchy to say the least, however with Apple’s competitors increasingly making use of waterproof technology, it’s not all that unreasonable to consider that Apple might use the technology too.


The final leaks come from 9to5 Mac, who got their hands on 3 separate iPhone 6 devices, sporting the silver, grey and gold colors we’re now used to. This is the first time a gold iPhone 6 has made an appearance, and this leak would appear to confirm that the next iPhone will feature the same premium color line up as the iPhone 5s did. Some of the finer details of these devices seem a little off, and they aren’t all the same size. This means we have to treat this rumor with the same skepticism as the rest of the leaks we’ve seen, however this is the first promising sign of premium colors that up until now, hadn’t made an appearance.


What do you make of these rumors? Leave your thoughts and comments below! @TiP_Stephen

Via: HITC Tech, 9to5 Mac, Phone Arena




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  • I don’t buy it. I’m still skeptical about the flash on the back, and the big thing for me: if this is a fully assembled product, even for testing, why aren’t there any marks on the back panel? Even past leaked items, like the iPhone 4 that Gizmodo got, had some markings on the back. The fact that this has nothing tells me it’s likely a fake.

    • Stephen Warwick

      All valid points. I had noticed the lack of markings, it also seems odd that so many people in different places have these devices… they all seem fairly generic.

      • Exactly. If anything, it just looks like something that was 3D printed, and anyone could have put that together.

  • Love Harris

    Jony Ive said in Apple’s production video, that Apple polishes the slate of aluminum to a mirror finish. THEN the aluminum is textured, leaving only the Apple logo and lettering with mirrored accents. If they texturize everything but the logo, and lettering, it would make these “leaks” fake with the absence of said mirrored touches.

    Besides, the fact that they are so sloppily done, with the camera pertruding the plastic outlines for the antennas, and slightly different sizes, there’s no way this is publishable material. These are fake. Fake. Fake. Fake!

  • Andrew S.

    Yeah, those are fake… those bold border lines on the back? Not in a million years. That whole camera/flash area on the back? Looks incredibly cheap. Apple would never do something that Samsung-y.

    • Stephen Warwick

      What about the fact that every rendering/leaked dummy so far features that design? I suppose it’s likely that everyone else pushing leaks may have copied the initial design, but for me the theme is a little too common…

  • RedGeminiPA

    These are nothing more than models made from leaked schematics. They are NOT “assembled” iPhones from parts.

    As for the flash, talk is circulating that the pill-shaped dual flash of the 5s was merely a stop-gap design because Apple was waiting for the technology to have a smaller multi-color, single LED module, which is now available.