iPhone 6 set for August release? [Rumor]

Taiwanese media is reporting that supply-chain insiders have confirmed that the iPhone 6 will be released in August of this year.

The report circulating cites unnamed supply-chain sources. Apparently, a 4.7-inch iPhone will be made available to customers as early as August, which would suggest an announcement early in August at the very least. This earlier August release date seems to have been purported because a larger 5.5-inch model, which has received considerably less hype of late, will be released in September.


Apple has long stuck to a September release for its iPhones, and it would seem strange for Apple to buck this trend. However, it has already been rumored that two new iPhones of different sizes were set for release this year, and that the larger variant was delayed. This rumor certainly corroborates with earlier stories, but it isn’t the most convincing source.

Supply chain sources have proven fairly reliable in the past, and it may yet come to pass that Apple will indeed release two iPhones on separate occasions, as is purported here. For now however, all we can do is wait for further confirmation.


Via: Reuters

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  • If true, it’s also possible Apple could talk about it at WWDC and announce an availability date in August. It’s a very slight possibility, though.