iPhone 6 EarBuds to ship with heart rate sensors and iBeacon technology [Rumor]

Brace yourself folks, this is the sketchiest iPhone 6 rumor yet.

An anonymous post to the website Secret claims that the EarBuds that are to ship with Apple’ iPhone 6 will feature built-in heart rate monitors as well as iBeacon technology.

Reports are suggesting that the post has been made by a disgruntled ex-Apple employee, or possibly a current one, or anyone at all really. The post is mounted on a blurred shot of some EarBud headphones, which do seem to be sporting a slightly different design to the current version.


The leak claims that the headphones will be able to measure your pulse as you exercise, which would make some sense following various revelations concerning Apple’s concerted focus on fitness in the next instalment of iOS. Furthermore, the iBeacon technology will allow you to locate your headphones should they go missing, presumably the close-quarters Bluetooth technology will be able to tell you if they’re in the vicinity or not. Both of those claims aren’t too outrageous, but the most interesting part of the leak is the notion that the new EarBuds will require a the use of the Lightning connector, which is why Apple chose to move the audio jack to the bottom of the device.

Now of course, we have no way of verifying this leak, however personally I find the picture included to be the most interesting part of the post. None of the ideas purported are implausible, in fact they make an awful lot of sense, and in practice I think they would be great additions to the next iPhone.

So I’ll leave it up to you, what do you think of this rumor? Can we trust the source? Does the picture add any credibility to the leak? And are the ideas purported reasonable/practical? Leave all your thoughts and comments below!


Via: Know Your Mobile


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  • KingCoopa

    They don’t look different at all but if anyone who reads this has any pull over at apple I hate EarPods the worst buds I ever owend an never stay in your ear with the littlest movement please redesign

    • David Jacobs

      I also find the Ear Pods uncomfortable and much prefer the old type but sold them with my iPhone 4S when i upgraded.Also,Apple stopped selling the old type separately and the only way you can get them is if you buy another iPhone 4S !! with which they still come.