Auki Tweak Makes Quick Reply Simple & Elegant

aukifeatOne of the most heavily requested iOS features is quick reply. BiteSMS is the most popular option and comes with a ton of features, and I’m yet to see a person use Messages+ voluntarily. For those of us who don’t want all the bulk that comes with BiteSMS, a new tweak, Auki, adds a simple and clean quick reply. It is intended to be simple, and doesn’t come with a ton of features you’ll never use.

aukinotiTo compose a message using Auki, you’ll first need to set a command in Activator. I personally chose “Tap on Volume HUD” as that is how it is activated in BiteSMS, and old habits don’t die. I also added “Hold Lock Screen Clock” so I can have quick access from the lock screen. It can also be activated within Notification Center if you keep scrolling upward. For quick reply, you receive the standard notification, but to the right there is a reply button that will then let you quick reply.

The quick reply/compose window itself is very simple and elegant. Once you enter the name or number you wish to text their name, number, and photo are all presented nicely at the top. You can the enter your message, then hit send which color coordinates based of whether it’s using iMessage or SMS. There is also an option to open the conversation in the Messages app.

aukinightA notable addition is night mode. It makes it black, and I personally think it looks better that way. I have my messages app black anyways from Messages Customizer, so this just makes it fit in even more perfectly. Night mode can also be scheduled to your time of choice. Additionally, the developer threw in the option to let you silence individual conversations.

Until this tweak came out, I was dedicated to using biteSMS for my messaging needs. After I tried this tweak out, I prefer it to biteSMS because it’s simple and does the job without adding a lot of features that I can live without. One complaint is that if you get multiple messages in rapid-fire succession it can become difficult to handle as there is no way to view the entire conversation. While an annoyance, I resort to opening up the Messages app and then all is well. The tweak is very stable, and has no noticeable bugs.

Overall this is an elegant, no nonsense quick tweak that does the job, and does it well. It offers a good looking and easy to use quick reply/compose that integrates itself perfectly into iOS, and could almost be a native feature. It offers nearly everything you could want out of a quick reply tweak. It’s a must have for any jail broken iPhone, unless you very heavily rely on features in biteSMS. It’s available for $3.99 in Cydia.

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