3D printed iPhone 6 brings 4.7-inch mockups to life

MacRumors has released shots of its very own 3D printed iPhone 6, created based on leaked drawings that have driven iPhone 6 mockup rumors since March.

The 3D printed iPhone offers a fairly crude look at just how a 4.7-inch iPhone stacks up against various other iOS devices, as well as how it might look in-hand. Because we’ve been inundated with iPhone 6 mock ups as of late, what we’re seeing here isn’t too out of the ordinary. The iPhone represented looks just like other previous mock ups, but perhaps the most useful insight on offer here is a size comparison of the 4.7-inch iPhone against a host of other iOS devices, as shown below. iphone_6_home_set-800x395


Left to right: iPhone 3G, 4, 5, 6 (mockup), Retina iPad mini

As you can see, a 4.7-inch device is a marked increase on the 4-inch display real estate offered by the iPhone 5 (pictured) and the iPhone 5s that we’re used to. When the rumors of a 4.7-inch display are thrown around in a world where Android flagship phones have been pushing 5-inches for a couple of years, it’s very easy for the significance of a 4.7-inch display to be lost. As you can see from the picture above, the size difference between the two devices really is tremendous, and this rumor is a fantastic reminder that a 4.7-inch iPhone may not make it the biggest device on the market, but it would certainly be a massive leap when compared to the iPhones we’re currently using. Yesterday, Apple supplier Pegatron confirmed that it had received orders for 15% of Apple’s display quota for the upcoming iPhone, also revealing it was producing 4.7-inch display panels. This mockup and the many others like it are a very clear sign that the release of a larger iPhone 6 is almost a certainty.

This mockup is also a reminder that 3D printing is a force to be reckoned with. Whilst it may not render in the executive materials favoured by Apple, it may well be that in years to come, 3D printing may represent the cheapest and most efficient way to mass-produce electronics. MacRumors attempt to produce a mockup using this medium is a really interesting idea.

Alongside its own 3D printed mockup, MacRumors also has a purported iPhone 6 case to hand. Again, case leaks, like mockups, aren’t rare when it comes to new device releases, but again comparing the case to a current iPhone is a stark reminder that the a 4.7-inch display really is a big step up. Furthermore, these cases also point to a power/lock button moved to the right hand side of the device, whilst the remaining ports and buttons will stay in their current configuration.


Mockups may take away some of the joy of a surprise device release later in the year, but they are great to look at, and they make me incredibly excited for Apple’s future plans. What do you think of these mockups and releases? Is a larger display what you’re looking for in an iPhone device? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Via: MacRumors


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  • TBN27

    I will say that I am alright with the iPhone 6 having a 4.7″ display. If the next iPhone were to stay at 4″I would be okay with it too as for the iPhone 5’s screen size isn’t the actual reason I switched to iOS In the first place. But looking at the mockup, I am not feeling the thinness of it. I would prefer that they left the same thickness of the iPhone 5. Most likely I will get over it when I see the final product.

    • Stephen Warwick

      Thinness bothers me too, I like the thickness of the 5s, anything less (iPod touch territory) wouldn’t make it feel like a phone at all, I’d much rather the space was used for better internal components.

      • Anthony Snyder

        Well a phone only feels the way it does today because Apple decided to up the screen size on the original iPhone. Everyone else followed suit and kept on increasing.