Touch ID coming to iPad? [Rumor]

Fresh reports from ModMyi are suggesting that Touch ID fingerprint technology may be coming to the next iPad.

developer UNiCORN took to Twitter over the weekend, having discovered that iOS 7.1 may point to fingerprint technology in the next iPad.



“Integer” 1 and 2, labelled at the bottom of that picture represents two separate device families. UIDeviceFamily features two identifiers, 1 is iPhone, and 2 is iPad. With that in mind, this code likely suggests that future iPads will indeed include Apple’s Touch ID technology, which was successfully launched on Apple’s flagship iPhone, the 5S last year. It has been suggested by analysts that both the iPad Air, and the iPad mini (or their upgraded successors) will feature the technology.


It is common for Apple to spread technology originally implemented in the iPhone to its other popular devices in time, as was the case with Siri a couple of years ago. Touch ID on the iPad seems very much like a natural progression, and it would certainly be a welcome addition, at least in my opinion. My favourite use for Touch ID is App Store purchases, where I no longer have to enter my password each time I want to download an app, with all the latest software just a fingerprint away.

Rumors are also suggesting that Touch ID will soon support multiple users, allowing storage of several fingerprints on one device. Apple has hinted at big plans to use Touch ID as part of a wider transaction and payment service, based around its massive iTunes database, which holds hundreds-of-millions of active credit cards.

This leak almost certainly confirms that Touch ID will feature in the next iPad(s), are you excited? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Via: ModMyi

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  • It’s a logical progression for TouchID, and it’d be a great addition to the iPad. With TouchID, I would finally put a passcode on my iPad.