Before “Slide to Unlock”, iPhone was planned as ‘always on’ device


Apple vs. Samsung may be a dull affair in the big picture sense, but when you start digging in to the evidence offered up at court, some tasty tidbits start to surface. On Friday, Greg Christie – the head of Apple’s human interface team – took the stand and revealed the companies original plan to have the iPhone as an ‘always on’ device.

They wanted to make it a device that was never asleep and could be used by a simple tap on the screen. But, with concerns over power consumption as well as accidental screen touches and pocket dialing, it became clear that another method was needed. As was a power button.

As reported by Re/code:

“We couldn’t meet our power requirements if we had that active a state,” Apple human-interface head Greg Christie said on Friday, testifying at the Apple-Samsung patent trial. “We had to resort to a power button.”

“We knew we had to have a locked mode, or a locked state, where it wouldn’t let you do most things, except you could unlock it,” Christie said.

In some ways, as I made clear in my rant about Siri’s restricted functionality, an ‘always on’ state is something close to what I’d love to see. Now, I don’t think that the screen should be on all the time. That would be a massive battery drain. Instead, if Siri was always waiting for a command, and could be activated without touching the device, that could go someway to making Apple’s early dreams a reality.

Source: Re/code

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  • Raymond Torres

    like google now on the moto x lol

    • RedGeminiPA

      You do realize we’re talking about 10 years ago, which is lightyears when talking about tech, don’t you?

      Yes, 10 years ago is when the iPhone was being brainstormed, as well as this “always on” functionality.

      Just because Apple hasn’t done it yet, don’t hesitate for a moment to believe Apple has been thinking about it ever since. Siri/iPhone will be there, possibly with iOS 8. The M7 co-processor (found in conjunction with A7 processors) will most likely have something to do with this. And, as usual, all of the Android trolls will flood the airwaves saying Apple was copying someone else, but they’ll fail to realize it took Apple 10 years to make it work just right.

      Good things come to those who wait.

      • Dayo Agboola

        The funny things is you’re calling people trolls but you’re doing the same thing. The difference here is that they were “thinking about it” 10 years ago and as of yet still haven’t found a way to do it or they just haven’t implemented it yet. So its a kinda thing thats like oh well you did it first but be thought of it ages ago(with no application). The flip side is we don’t know for how long someone at google has been thinking of it could be a year before the moto x, 9 years ago, or however long they’ve been thinking about it or something like it.

  • Random

    Come on. I was using a slide to unlock app back on winmobile 5 back in 2007 on my htc prophet

    • Anthony Snyder

      I can’t seem to find anything on Google regarding that app. So I’m just gonna pretend the last 15 minutes of my life was productive…