Monument Valley – The most beautiful lateral-thinking puzzle game you’ll play this year [Review]

Monument Valley is one of the most beautiful puzzle games you’ll play this year. Using inspiration from MC Escher’s mind-twisting drawings, this game challenges you to get Ida from one level to the next by twisting, sliding and moving parts of the architecture to give her a clear path. Also: watch out for those pesky crows!

Its design is elegant, colorful and simple but at the same time complicated and puzzling. It has an amazing balance between being easy to play, and being incredibly difficult. Actually figuring out how to move certain parts of the architecture is simple. Figuring out the right order, which parts to move, and when is another matter entirely.

There are no onscreen buttons, there are no menus visible. It’s just you and an interactive and wonderful piece of art. That and your main character, Ida, who needs to find her way through each chapter and meets characters on the way. It’s virtually flawless.

It’s not often I find a paid-for game that I insist everyone download immediately. This, is one of them. There’s is nothing as worth your $3.99/£2.49 as Monument Valley right now for iOS, and you’ll not regret spending it.

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