Lunecase offers LED notifications without additional battery drain

Notifications are an important part of every smartphone. They can truly make or break the experience. If you aren’t notified of incoming texts, emails, or calls, you’re required to be constantly checking your phone (even though, let’s be honest, we all do anyway). However, for the iPhone, to receive notifications, you must have the phone on and be looking at the screen. There is a setting on the iPhone in which you can use the camera’s LED, but this setting is both not used much, and really inconvenient, as the flash is incredibly bright and obnoxious when used in a dark room. Fortunately a new case looks to solve this issue, all without being connected by Bluetooth or through cords.

The new Lunecase, which is a Kickstarter project currently, looks to redefine the way we view cases, by integrating notifications for texts and phone calls into the back of the case. The thing that sets this case apart? The case doesn’t connect to the iPhone through Bluetooth or through any wires. Somehow, the makers of the case claim that the case collects electromagnetic waves emitted from the phone, and translate these waves into energy that will then tell the case whether the notification received was a phone call or a text message, and use the energy to light up a notification on the case. A video of the case, and how it works, can be seen embedded above.


The best part of this case is the fact that it isn’t big and bulky, like a lot of cases that require energy, and won’t drain your iPhones battery because it’s using energy already emitted from the phone itself. The company notes on the Kickstarter page that a prototype of the case was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, and the case ran for four days straight without any issues. This shows that the company’s product is capable of working, and working well, especially with likely countless demonstrations occurring in those four days.

The phone case is expected to ship in August of this year, and if you’re interested, you can become a backer of the project and receive your very own Lunecase for $39 for either the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5/5s. For those willing to shell out $59, you can get not only the case for the current iPhone line up, but also $20 off the iPhone 6 version when it is released (which is expected to be released three months after the phone itself). It is worth noting, however, that you would be paying an additional $20 for a $20 discount later, so I don’t quite understand the benefit to this package.

Is the Lunecase something that you would be interested in? If so, do you plan on becoming a Kickstarter backer? Let us know by dropping a comment in the comments section below!

Source: Engadget, Kickstarter

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  • David Jacobs

    The only problem with this is that you will have to leave your iPhone face down to see the case light up on notifications.Most people prefer to leave it face up.I certainly do,so i wouldn’t buy this case.

  • jo

    only works for GSM iPhones, I looked into buying one but was unable to because of my Verizon iPhone