Leaked iPhone 6 case suggests 4.7-inch screen and thinner form factor

Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy has published a hands on video of a leaked iPhone 6 case.

The video shows off a pink gel case, which Hilsenteger apparently acquired with the help of Sonny Dickson, an influential insider who brought us very accurate revelations concerning the iPhone 5s and the 5c last year. It’s this connection that gives today’s leak some credibility.

A close look of the case shows off some very interesting features. The first of these is a power button located on the right hand side of the device, rather than the top where it’s currently placed. The device seems to sporting a 4.7-inch display, which would make pressing a button on the top of the device a little strenuous. The reference to a larger display is the most prominent rumor surrounding the iPhone 6 to date, with many sources suggesting the launch of two new larger iPhones coming this year. With that in mind, this case appears to have been manufactured for a device with a 4.7-inch display, arguably further confirmation that Apple will be switching to a larger form factor with the iPhone 6. For some reference, Hilsenteger claims that the case seems to be fairly similar in size to the Nexus 5 in size.


Furthermore, the case is made for a significantly thinner device than we’re currently used to. We’ve come to expect lighter, thinner designs with every passing Apple update. Some other features include slightly different volume buttons.

The configuration on the bottom of the device shows a very similar setup to the current iPhone, sporting holes for a lightning dock, microphone and speaker.

Of course, we have no way of establishing how genuine this leak is. The case is reportedly in production for the next iPhone, and as mentioned, the link to Sonny Dickson adds a fair amount of credibility. We’ve often found that case leaks can prove surprisingly accurate when determining the features and form factor of upcoming devices, so this is arguably one of the most convincing leaks concerning the iPhone 6 we’ve come across so far. The big talking point is of course the larger screen, which countless customers have longed for for at least two years now. I’d personally be very happy to see an iPhone 6 with a larger screen. It could be argued that larger devices already represent an established market, and that Apple is somewhat late to the party, but as we all know, Apple doesn’t hang out at anyone else’s parties, it hosts its own parties, just for Apple.


With that in mind, we may well be looking at some very credible insight into the form and configuration of the iPhone 6. Does this excite you? Do you believe this could be a genuine leak? Or are you more skeptical? What features interest you? Or what could be missing? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: Unbox Therapy

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  • Lawrence43

    It appears Apple also decided to put the headphone jack back at the top where it should be. Facetime’ing hands-free with headphone shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. Sure you can turn your phone upside-down but having your front camera at the bottom broadcasts an odd perspective. Now you can just set your phone down without the headphone jack getting in the way.

    • donnybee

      I honestly can’t remember the last time my headphone jack got in the way when I set the phone down. In fact, the headphone jack is better served on the bottom in my opinion. That means when I pull my phone out of my pocket it’s not upside down. Makes for a much better experience.

    • Nobody

      Yah I really think the headphone jack is better at the bottom because I always notice that before my headphone would get in the way by laying in front of the screen and I would get extremely annoyed. I personally don’t think that they should change that.

  • Danny Kim


    • Anthony Snyder

      Don’t forget that Apple improved battery life on the iPad Air while decreasing battery capacity and physical size…

      Expect the same with the iPhone 6.

      • Adam Oram

        Let’s hope so