iPhone 5s vs. Nokia Lumia 930 – Spec Sheet Comparison


Nokia just took the wraps of its next Lumia flagship, and it looks a great update to its existing lineup. From a manfacturing and design perspective, it looks like the spitting image of the Verizon-only Lumia ICON released earlier in the year. Its main difference is its GSM network capabilities and its brightly colored plastic back. Like the ICON, it has a beautifully finished metal frame and a polycarbonate rear cover. It’ll be available in 4 colors: bright green, bright orange, white and black. And – as far as Windows Phones go, it looks a real knockout. It’s also equipped with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 software, which includes Cortana, the digital assistant that looks set knock Siri off its throne.

So, how does this device compare with our beloved iPhone on a spec-by-spec basis? I put together the usual handy chart to show the differences:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 19.51.30

As you can see from the spec comparison, the iPhone is smaller, lighter and thinner than the Nokia Lumia. And in almost every way, the Lumia 930 is different to the iPhone. And I think that’s a good thing. Android – although different – isn’t as contrasting in style to iOS as Windows Phone, with its live tiles and modern UI.

What’s interesting here is that – instead of ditching it like most other manufacturers – Nokia has embraced wireless charging completely, and built it in to the device. No added cases or covers required. It’s part of the design. Like the iPhone, it has a metal external antenna that forms the main part of the internal chassis, giving it a sturdy and durable feel.

Its display is a 5-inch, full HD display with Nokia’s trademark ClearBlack technology making it much more visible in daylight. And, if previous Lumias are anything to go by, it’ll be much easier to see outdoors when snapping shots than the iPhone is. It’s a constant source of frustration for me, as an iPhone user, trying to get good outdoor shots almost blindly.

One of the key comparisons to make when it finally gets released will be Siri vs. Cortana. Microsoft’s Halo-inspired assistant has something which Siri badly needs: Actionable commands in third party apps. For instance, I can tell Cortana to check a specific friend’s news feed right from the Cortana. With Siri, all I can do is “launch Facebook”. You can also “Skype [insert name here]”. It’s very smart, and very useful.

As it goes, if you’re after a completely different experience to iOS, Windows Phone is something worth considering. It’s bright, bold, and unique. Although it doesn’t quite have the app support that Android and iOS have, it’s still a decent experience, and no one does it better than Nokia.

What do you make of the Lumia 930? Does it tempt you, or – like every other modern flagship – is it too big?

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  • roopull

    In order to tempt me, it’d have to be on my carrier. This, imo, is the true weak point for WP… crappy carrier support. That being said, it looks gorgeous and Cortana looks like it could give Google Now a run for it’s money on the usefulness department. Google Now = boring, but useful. Siri = nearly useless, but occasionally entertaining. Cortana? We’ll see…

    • Cam Bunton

      Which carrier do you use? My guess: We’ll see this on AT&T and T-Mobile at some point. But, global release isn’t until June. Obviously, Lumia Icon is virtually identical and available on Verizon.

      • roopull

        I’m on Sprint… they offer two older WP8 devices. Laughable.

        • Cam Bunton


  • TBN27

    Too big, lack off apps I use, therefore I am not temped. But it still is an really awesome phone.

    • Ben Salmon

      May I ask what apps you use? im a windows phone user and have an ipod touch so would just be interesting to know

      • TBN27

        TiltShiftGen2, MTA Weekender, MTA subway time, Puffin Browser, play books, cycloramic.