iPhone 5s, HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 get the drop test treatment

With the recent reveal of the HTC One (M8) and the announcement and impending launch of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5, it was a only matter of time until they were given the drop test treatment alongside Apple’s iPhone 5s.

So, armed with the three best phones on the market, TechSmartt took to the streets to put the devices through their paces as glass meets concrete.

As you can see, each phone was dropped from pocket height and head height in order to assess each device’s durability in simulations of real-life accidents.

From pocket height, all three phones survive pretty much unscathed. This is reassuring as this might well be the height from which you’re most likely to drop a mobile device. The head height drop is simulating a device falling from your hand while on a call – not entirely likely, but not impossible by any means. The iPhone 5s fairs worst from this height, its screen shattering, with the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5 remaining in tact.

The M8 and S5 are then subjected to an additional drop from above head height – not exactly a real life scenario – with the screens facing down just to see the results (and the results were not pretty). The S5’s screen cracked and the device would not power on at all. In contrast, the M8 survived the drop with no damage to the screen and a normal functioning device remained. Given the M8’s excellent build quality and all aluminium construction, it’s no surprise it faired better than the plastic S5.

As the M8 seemed to be the most durable, an even higher test was in order. From around 10-feet, face-down, no phone would stand a chance and the M8 finally gave in – the screen completely shattered.

While drop tests are not scientific, as it is impossible to exact the same drop on each device and ensure the impact is the same, they can give a decent real-world indication as to how your devices might hold up if you do accidentally allow your smartphone to meet the pavement.

Source: TechSmartt (YouTube)

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  • Rick Rudge

    Watching this video is really cringe-worthy. ;-) But, at the same time, I’m glad to see that somebody is consumer testing our favorite phones with one of the main concerns that we have. :-) Thanks.

    • Adam Oram

      Drop tests are always hard to watch haha!!

  • CJ

    It would be cool if they did a drop text phone with case vs phone with case. (Not a cheap case a good one)

  • Courtney

    I’m looking to get a new phone but don’t know if I should stray away from my iPhone! I am definitely one of those people that drop their phones at least once a day haha I have butterfingers…but this video does help in my decision, as much as it pained me to watch it haha :)

    • jay

      definitely get a htc one, i prefer the m7 but either way iphone is a nice size and has good build quality but its OS is incredibly dated and is basically just built around icons with nothing interactive, whereas the htc one build quality is just as good and its interface with sense/blink feed is pretty amazing, wait for the new mini version if its too big…. Samsung is all plastic so its not worth the price, and most of its features can be imitated with apps… Only brand loyalty would probably make someone get a samsung or iphone… my two pence

      • Red Blazer

        My 2 pence is you are an Effing moron! There is nothing “cheap” about plastic (better feel, doesn’t scratch, don’t need a case, won’t dent) vs cheap aluminum! WISE UP idiots with HTC and iPhone all use cases and COVER the “nice aluminum” so it doesn’t get ugly as FCK from scratches and from a technological stand point Samsung is light years ahead of HTC and Apple. So, go F yourself

        • RedGeminiPA

          It sounds like you wouldn’t know quality if it smacked you along side the head and mated with your mother.

          Keep driving your little old beat up Kia Rio from 2001. It’s all the quality you’re familiar with, and it’s nothing more than you deserve.

          • Red Blazer

            Dude, I drive a Bently. We’re talking about mobile phone technology here… I want the latest innovation in my phone and I actully don’t like the looks of aluminum phones, or the “feel” of aluminum phones and I hate phone cases. So I choose the best technilogical phone out there, the Galaxy S4 and next week, the S5

          • bsr

            Engage the spell checker on your technological marvel of a phone next time you post.

          • Red Blazer

            Fork You loser!

          • bsr

            So utterly pathetic. As are most of your inane comments. Please don’t bother to reply to this, as your profane rants do nothing but make you appear ignorant and foolish. You can keep your Galaxy if it makes you happy but don’t bother to read good comparative articles such as this one in future because you’ll never agree with anyone else’s view.

        • jay

          not quite sure why youve resorted to using profanity but bless you… that aside, If you feel 2mm thick coloured plastic is “light years ahead” or more premium then have a word with yourself about quality, you may want to research which cost more to produce for such a product. As for features, many features on these phones can be levelled by acquiring apps

    • RedGeminiPA

      There are wonderful little things called cases and screen protectors. You should check into them. They’re specifically designed for people like you in mind.

  • Red Blazer

    This was a totally UN-scientific test. To make it a fair and scientific test, it would require multiple phones of each brand with repeated drops from various heights and NOT dropped by hand.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Captain Obvious strikes again.

  • Aaron

    This is good to know! Great video! Was leaning towards the HTC One m8 originally, but now it’s even better to know that an expensive case isn’t completely necessary. Thanks!

    • DC

      what’s better is the m8 comes with a decent rubber case in the box, at least mine did ;-)

  • Tiki Mom of 2

    WOW. Looking forward to my GS5! (However I’m a chicken and always use a case. 2 young kids and super busy lifestyle…) Maybe sometimes I won’t use the case?? I’ll try to be brave.

  • Sara Sica

    Entertaining! Was shopping for a screen protector for the m8

  • Red Blazer

    Got my new Galaxy S5 yesterday… Totally unimpressive. I will be taking it back and sticking with my S4

  • Dana Junkin

    I have the S5 and I actually love it! It’s so much quicker than my old htc one x was. I still put a case and a screen protector on it. I want to take care of it,and have it working for and long time.. I can’t afford for it to break.