iPhone 5s and HTC One (M8) outperform Samsung Galaxy S5 in benchmark tests


Raw CPU and GPU performance doesn’t necessarily translate into a better user experience, but benchmark tests can be a good indicator of the level of performance you can expect from a device.

AnandTech has completed a thorough technical review of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and, in the site’s usual style, the device has been put through its paces in 39 benchmarking tests, being compared to other high-end smartphones throughout. According to the review, the soon-to-be-released S5 doesn’t measure up performance-wise to the new HTC One (M8) and, in quite a few cases, the six month old iPhone 5s.

As The Guardian noted, the Galaxy S5 manages to take top spot in only two of the 39 tests performed by AnandTech being bested by the M8 or 5s in most cases.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging devices based purely on speeds and feeds, especially when the specs that smartphone vendors share most frequently only paint a small piece of the picture. You can look at things like CPU cores and clockspeeds and make assumptions, but dozens of factors contribute to a smartphone’s performance

For example, The iPhone 5s contains the remarkably efficient dual-core A7 chip that outperformed many quad-core and eight-core chipsets in rival phones last year.

Are you surprised to see the six month old iPhone 5s still around the top of the benchmark tests? Are we reaching a plateau in the “raw power” curve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter: @TiP_AdamO.

Source: AnandTech via The Guardian

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  • Delvin Williams

    Im srry this post is a lie first off every review has said that the s5 has out perform the m8 and 5s…

    • RedGeminiPA

      I’m sorry, but until Scamdung’s top phones can complete performance benchmarks without the CPU boosting performance specifically for those tests, and be a clear winner, your posted picture means absolutely zilch. The companies behind benchmarking tests have already proven what Scamdung does, and nobody can refute those facts.

      Oh, and just and FYI, NONE of the benchmarks available for smartphones are 64-bit capable. Once they are, the iPhone 5s will really cream the rest of the crop in performance benchmarks.

      Besides all that, the Galaxy S5 and One (M8) are both using quad-core (or higher, as the article states) processors against Apple’s A7 dual-core… and they still ain’t a winnin the performance benchmarks across the board…

      • kemal

        thats billl shit

        • RedGeminiPA

          If you want anyone to take you seriously, try some spelling and grammar lessons. After you figure out the basics of English, try doing some research.

          • Bill Thomas

            Yep we got some andoird sheep crying on today’s iPhone again…sad

          • Vladamir Moses

            Don’t finger your iPhone 5s too much, it won’t like it.

          • Bill Thomas

            just because my iPhone can take a finger bang and yours cant dont mean u have to be a dick dick…..tell u what u android fags are the biggest bunch of cry babies i have ever seen…..oh no some tech nerd from some company no one has ever herd of said the HTC an the iPhone 5s is better then the s5….who gives a fuck just because it has a quad core processor dont mean shit if the phone crashes and is laggy as hell….. i bought an iPhone because its consistent and the OS aint fragmented ….kitkat has been out since what november and only 5% of android phones have them? thats shitty and if i was still an android user id be a little pissed over that..

        • Vladamir Moses

          Apple is full of shit. They can’t even hit 720p as their screen resolution for the iPhones. The fingerprint sensor can easily be hacked.

          • donnybee

            The only way to hack it is with a perfect mold of someone’s finger. I’m sorry but I don’t count that as being easy, since I don’t really let people sit there and make a mold of my finger for no reason. Dumb ass.

            Complain about the screen all you want, it’s at least pocket-able and I don’t need to use two hands to use the thing. All you people holding up your phablets to your head to talk look just as ridiculous as little girls taking selfies with an iPad. I have a tablet for when I need a tablet, and a phone for when I need a phone. Plus the experience is a LOT less finicky. Android NEEDS octa-core processors just to run decent.. That’s sad.

      • Vladamir Moses

        You idiot. Quad-Core is better than Dual-Core. iPhone 5s is shit. It’s screen resolution isn’t even standard HD which is 720p. the iPhone 5s’s resolution is 640p. The iPhone’s specs are not good at all. Apple isn’t even trying at this point. We all know that Samsung, HTC, and Sony’s android phones alongside Google’s phones take a shit on the iPhone 5s.

        • Juan S.

          You clearly are a spec-noob bro. Quad-core processor may have higher potential but neither of these companies extracts the full potential…on the other hand Apple extracts all the juice of its dual-core processors, it doesn’t need to jump to quadcore computing, it just optimizes its hardware and its software is light. Why do you think thir devices run on 1gb of ram and still achieve amazing performances in heavy games or heavy applications like verto studio? Dude, you just read that quad means 4 and dual means 2 and you immediately jump to judge the iphone and praise its rivals….might as well say the best cameras are the ones with more megapixels…..you’re deluded, do some research buddy!

        • Maxwell

          You are an idiot Vladimir .i think you haven’t understood that quad core in any mobile phone isn’t fully utilised and it’ll drain the battery more.on the other hand in iphone it takes the fully optimised ios and it runs buttery smooth on iPhone 5s.It can run any heavy graphics demanding games.samsung sony and htc can’t optimise the os so they give big battery and to hide it they have to give big screen.

        • donnybee

          If an iPhone had a quad-core, it would absolutely kill your precious Android phones. You really think iOS needs quad-core? Nope. But what’s funny is reading all about how “My Android phone has quad-core. Why didn’t we get the octa-core version? When will they put more cores in my Android phone????”. Don’t worry dude, I’m sure one day they’ll find a way to load your phone up with 30 cores and 80 gigs of RAM and then MAYBE Android will run fine and not be all buggy, laggy, and slow.

          Until that day, I’ll keep using my perfectly tuned iPhone that doesn’t need hellish specs to stay on top.

      • Delvin Williams

        Now with your paragraph you made no point so ever… the booter that you are talking about was in the s4 not the s5 and htc has confirmed That they are using a booter on the m8…go read up on your information first please and the 64bit chip hello apple is not using it at its full potential….. so yeah I stand by my statement…

        • RedGeminiPA

          The S4 isn’t the only Galaxy phone doing it. The Note 3 was also found to be programmed to cheat benchmarks.

          As for 64-bit, Apple is using it. Developers are still working on ways to utilize it with their apps.

          For as much as you apparently troll Apple-related articles, you should be aware of that.

    • Anthony Snyder

      Samsung and HTC cheat on benchmarks 0_o

      • donnybee

        Cause it’s Android.. And it runs like a nice lemon off the car lot.

    • Samsroid

      Samsung was caught cheating (again), altering their system to pretend to outperform the iPhone chips. Haha – Samsung fanbois are such fools!

  • renaldo friloux

    I guess the iPhone do screen considering it don’t do shit no widgets multitasking etc I would scream to having to do half the shit the rest of the phones do lol

  • renaldo friloux

    Scream not screen

  • renaldo friloux

    No nfc Ir blaster small screen no true multitasking and a ton of other features android has looks pretty much like the iPhone 4 funny how apple people say the s5 is no upgrade yet from the battery saving which I phones suck to the better screen to the heart monitor that I bet folks who work out will use to the better camera fingerprint scanner that Samsung copied apple that apple copied Motorola to the ip67 makes faster processor at this point all high end phones are fast I could careless about benchmarks the motion features which no other phone has that I actually use answer the phone while having something on ya hands like cooking ingredients is sweet I mean this phone and z2 note 3 note2 truly m8 1520 kills that same I 5s fingerprint scanner and a slightly better camera and that’s it really? Lol long as the sheep buy it apple will never really upgrade there phones oh yeah the 64 bit chip that really don’t do any good with one gig of ram smh

    • Juan S.

      Android fanboy detected!

    • Maxwell

      Those who have never used an iPhone will never understand why it’s the best.

      • Cory

        I’ve used an iPhone. And I can say without a doubt it isn’t the best. HTC is better. HTC is better at design and software. And build quality.

        • RedGeminiPA

          If HTC was truly better at software, they’d use their own OS instead of Android. Oh wait… they don’t have their own OS…

          • Cory

            HTC Sense. Proves they are better at software. It is better designed. More elegant. Faster. More stable. I could go on. But you are just another stupid American. Why are all you Americans so stupid?

    • Kyle Frost

      Attempting to decipher the meaning of this post genuinely hurt my head.

    • donnybee

      You have one punctuation mark in that whole paragraph.. And it isn’t even at the end.


      Anyway, it’s Android people who are the sheep now. They think it’s the “Cool thing to do” to hate on Apple. I’ve used your precious GS4.. I owned one. And couldn’t stand it. Too laggy. Nothing worked right. STILL didn’t have all the apps I use..mostly attributed to the disastrous open nature of Android and all the pirating that comes with it. IR blaster was slower than going and picking up my damn tv remote. Small screen so my portable phone can be portable, for when I don’t need to use a tablet. PERFECT fingerprint scanning execution. Great design quality. Fully supported hardware for any new software updates. You Android guys, and more specifically – Samsung guys, are all living in a world where you see a big screen and a piece of paper that says “quad-core” and immediately orgasm at the thought. You’re the sheep. Keep following your Android leader.

  • devesh

    Rightly said plateau has reached,, as the cars in daily use have reached a saturation point with focus shifting to efficiency , refinement and USER EXPERIENCE, so is the case here, that’s why Sammy was bit f a let down as they disappointed on design front, htc on camera front, the reason iphone still has a legacy because it strikes a balance for most except the scene size which is a personal preference, it’s finely built, mature camera and we’ll optimized software wise, so overall satisfying.

  • Hritwij

    many say bad things about iPhone’s but the fact is iPhone’s still end up selling more than any other android phones!!!
    and last but not least those who hate iPhone’s please kindly don’t see articles related to iPhone’s!!!

  • Telecom

    all the new phones of 2014 are great and have much more power than needed it is up to what you like,try the iPhone if you have an android phone and vise visa stop fighting you are not the CEO of those companies

  • ytsb20

    Most bench test tools are now optimized to detect cheaters. But most of those cheaters running on 4.4.2 are now accepted as legit performers. So yeah, I’ll stick with my Note 3. No complaints with my wife’s iPhone 5s though. I just can’t read anything on it.

  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    Yikes. People take this iPhone vs Samsung serious. Lol. I agree with the people have to wait until until like 2 years until they get an update from Kit Kat which is ridiculous. Phones get outdated real fast and the s4 won’t get it until the fall and they would then have another os by then. Battery life sucks on Samsung devices and your phone gets hot. They state claim they improve the battery life. Then those preinstalled apps. Apple only uses about 4gb. Samsung uses 8gb so for those S5 users you might want to wait to get the 32gb. Okay you got sd card storage but guess what? Not apps can transfer over to the sd card. Like Apple stated, my MP for your camera doesn’t make it a better camera. iPhone 5S camera is only 8mp and is 10x better. Samsung tried to make a fingerprint scanner and it’s not even better than Touch ID. Only thing samsung got over Apple is the screen size which is about to end with the iPhone 6. Samsung will make a screen size up to 6 inches but that’s too big. I think a phone shouldn’t be no bigger than 5.5. Anything more you need to just purchase a tablet and use Skype.

  • Erik

    I think the 5s is more comparable to the s4. I’ve actually seen websites compare the 5s to the s3, so just how credible are these webpages? I also agree the 64 bit chip in the iPhone will be more efficient and more utilized in the future, just like many 32 bit quad cores. As long as you like your device who cares anyway?! It’s going to keep going back and forth>http://www.pcworld.com/article/2100701/qualcomm-overtakes-apple-with-eightcore-64bit-mobile-processor.html
    Personally I like the people that carry the devices, not the huge often corrupt, companies that make them.

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  • Anthony Snyder

    Btw, Samsung and HTC cheat on benchmarks.