Ex-Apple Store Genius posts iOS battery saving technique guide

191hi9o5rzbrgjpgScotty Loveless is a former Apple Store employee, where he worked as a Genius and iOS technician. He also has a blog at Overthought.org, where he happened to write a post titled “The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain.” He has, over the years of working at the Apple Store, researched how to best combat the effects of battery drain on iOS devices, and in turn wrote up the post. Here is a quote:

I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone’s battery was draining.

I made it my mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage. This article is a product of my years of research and anecdotal evidence I gathered in the hundreds of Genius Bar appointments I took during my time as a Genius and iOS technician, as well as testing on my personal devices and the devices of my friends.

He outlines an 8 step process that he has come up with and goes through each with explanation. It is moderate in length, but definitely a worthwhile read if you are experiencing battery problems with your iOS device. Reading through it, most of what is said makes complete sense, I just never thought about it. For myself, battery life has been just fine even with iOS 7.1, but I know and have heard that many are actually experiencing lesser battery life than previously, so you should definitely check this out.

The full post can be found here: The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain.

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  • RedGeminiPA

    Very interesting. I was in the habit of force closing apps since the days of iOS 5 (I think…) when certain apps would keep sucking power. That’s one that makes a bunch of sense, as does disabling location services for Facebook. That’s been a known culprit for quite a long time.

    I should probably turn of battery percentage, too. Not really because I check it frequently, but because I’m obsessed with seeing it drop one or two percent shortly after taking it off charge, which prompts me to perform a reboot (taking it back to 100%). That gets annoying, especially with Touch ID, since you can’t use Touch ID for the App Store until it’s your 2nd authorization since the last reboot. I don’t know about you (or anyone else), but I don’t make purchases or authorizations at least twice a day.

    As for Airplane mode or turning off cellular data, that’s a good one. I’m often in an area with very weak signal, and I’ve noticed my 5s w/ iOS 7.1 really drops battery life, even when connected to WiFi. I never really had this much drain previously. I’ll try to remember to turn off cellular data when I’m visiting that house. That should improve battery life greatly.

    As for the initial test, it appears mine lost 1 extra minute in the 5 minute test. It doesn’t seem substantial at first, but it’s still a minute lost for every 5. That’s 12 minutes lost per hour, or 168 minutes (2.8 hours) over a 14 hour day. Realistically, it’s over 3 hours lost per day, which would seem about right for what I’ve noticed in recent battery life.

  • GeloNV

    Thanks Kyle Frost and Scotty Loveless for the article. Uninstalled FB and my iPhone stopped losing 10% charge every hour.
    It is a pain but I use Safari for Facebook.