Auxo 2 Returns for iOS 7 and is Better than Ever [Review]

auxo2featWhen the first Auxo came out last year, it reimagined what the app switcher can and should be. iOS 7 introduced a completely new app switcher, so it was back to square one for the Auxo team. They’ve built on the new app switcher and Control Center to create the ultimate switcher in the form of Auxo 2. The tweak merges the two into one beautiful, and efficient “multi-center” for your iPhone.

When you first open Auxo 2, you’ll notice how smooth and responsive the animation is, and then you’ll be amazed by how beautiful it looks. You’ll be presented with a hub full of toggles, controls, and your app switcher. In the top bar you have the AirDrop and Airplay menus, and right below that you have your five toggles from CC. Prominently in the middle is the app switcher, and Auxo 2 allows you to naturally drag the card down to open the app. On the bottom you have music controls, brightness and volume, and you drag the knob around the circle to control it. There also are the 4 toggles from the bottom of CC, and if you drag them down you get the song timeline and scrubber.


The Quick App Switcher in Action.

Auxo 2 could have stopped with just the above and still made a decent tweak, but they added some features that make using iOS a little more efficient. Hot Corners adds a quick app switcher, and quick home screen access by sliding up from a corner. If you slide up from the right corner, it will bring you to the home screen in the same style as the multi touch gestures from the iPad. If you slide up from the left corner, you will be presented with app cards with the name and icon below it of your six most recent apps. You can then slide right to switch between the apps. The hot corners can be inverted, so the left side goes to the home screen, and the right goes the the quick switcher.

I’ve been using Vertex ever since its release as my CC/App Switcher unifier, but I have ditched it for Auxo 2 as it offers a far superior experience. Auxo 2 – much like its predecessor – looks great and works very well, and I could easily believe that Apple made it. Every little design detail, and every animation has been nailed spot on. It has made using iOS a much better experience for me, and I hope something very similar to this makes its way into iOS 8.  It is extremely stable and does not have any noticeable bugs.

Auxo 2 is one of my favorite tweaks of the iOS 7 era. It brings together two separate parts if the OS into one beautiful and flawless experience. It feels so natural to use, and it feels like a part of iOS, and not a jailbreak tweak. The Hot Corners, while not necessary, is a nice and useful addition as well. This is a must have tweak for anyone with a jailbroken iPhone and it will be money well spent. It’s available now in Cydia for $3.99.

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  • RedGeminiPA

    Now THIS is what I hope makes it to iOS 8! Farewell home button!