Could Apple be working on an iPhone 6 with curved glass?


Apparently curved glass may be the new thing when it comes to building smartphones. LG implemented a very curved LG G Flex device, which honestly looks pretty nifty, if not gimmicky. However, a new report claims that Apple will be one of the next companies to implement a curved glass display on its next iPhone 6 device.

The latest rumor surrounding the iPhone 6 claims that in the new device, Apple will give a complete redesign to the body of the iPhone, and it will move away from a squared design after four generations, and move to a more rounded body design, similar to the latest round of iPads, meaning that the edges of the device are likely to feature rounded curves and edges. As a comparison, envision one of the many third-party rounded bumpers offered for the iPhone that add a round edge to the iPhone. Concepts that follow this body style are pictured above.

In addition to a rounded body design, the report also claims that the glass display will be slightly curved. For those worried that Apple may be working to compete with LG, fear not. The rumored curved glass would only curve slightly towards the edges in order to seamlessly transition from glass display to the likely metal chassis for the rest of the device.

Although less important, the report also claims that the two glass pieces on the back of the device will be gone on the iPhone 6, meaning that the device will likely be completely metal on the back, which aligns with other rumors that have claimed that the device will take on a design similar to the iPad Air and iPad mini, meaning a completely aluminum back. However, it is still unclear as to how the antennae will function through this material.

Source: AppleInsider

Featured Image: MacRumors

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