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Despite loving everything about my iPhone and the iOS platform, I’ve never been the sort to constantly browse the App Store with the hope of finding something new and quirky. I’m more laid back, happy with what my iPhone can already do and not really bothered with what else is out there. I do, however, have a handful of apps installed that I personally see as ‘cool’. Here we go.


1. BBC News – FREE

BBC News

Being kept up-to-date with the latest things happening in our world is something I see as very important, and BBC News is my app of choice for this. Yes, feel free to call me boring or whatever else you can think of, but the fact that you can choose what sections to display on the app’s homepage is pretty cool. Oh, and there’s the ability to watch live news updates – very handy.

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2. Twitter – FREE


Come on, surely it’s impossible to live without Twitter? OK, maybe the 140-character limit is a bit daunting and annoying (I could think of many other words to express my feelings), but I suppose we can’t have everything in life. On the bright side, it gives the ability to nose at what friends – as well as celebs – are up to. It’s the perfect tool for any aspiring spy. Would you like to work for MI6?

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3. LinkedIn – FREE


So now that I’ve portrayed myself as a right boring chap, obsessed with spying on people, it’s time to tell you that I’m actually very professional – I use LinkedIn! Yes, it’s another app I have installed on my iPhone. It’s something I use to show off what I’m capable of professionally and the experience I’ve gained over the years.

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4. Skype – FREE


As I like keep in contact with old friends and the people I communicate with in a professional capacity, I see Skype as the ultimate service to be signed up to and an app that’s essential to my existence. I suppose face-to-face contact (which is normal) is just as good, but for me, Skype is king. Yes – it’s king. It’s so easy to use, too.

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5. YouTube – FREE


I’m not always boring and nosy, because believe it or not, I too am in love with the ability to watch dancing cats and flying fat men on YouTube. It’s just so fun (well, sometimes serious) and provides the right entertainment to get you in a happy and joyful mood on a stressful Monday evening.

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And you?

Don’t be shy: What are the apps you wouldn’t be able to live without? Leave them in the comments below.

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  • D1

    The most lame apps ever.

  • Rafael

    Those are the worst apps.

  • Richard

    Magic Jack app lets you make free calls in your iPhone and unlike Facebook Messganger they don’t have to be Facebook friends

  • howardbamber

    As sad as his hair cut.

  • Ram R. Ramachandran

    News360 apps, TWC apps, yahoo finance, cnbc