World’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones, The Dash, tracks health and fitness levels

We’ve seen an influx of wearable technology options hit the market over the past 12 months. But, for the most part, they’re worn on your wrist. The Dash is entirely different. It’s a pair of in-ear headphones equipped with sensors and linked with an app to help you track all the important performance and body stats while listening to music on the move.

Amazingly, they’re not big and bulky. They’re relatively small and completely wireless. And they’ve already raised over $2 million on Kickstarter. I’m absolutely staggered by everything they claim to be able to do. Broken down in to three categories; listening, tracking and communicating. Believe me, it can do a lot. Speed, heart rate, distance… You name it, it probably tracks it.

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One thing that concerned me – as with any in-ear product – was how the silicone tips would keep it held in my ear. Thankfully, the German designers over at BRAGI thought of that too and implemented a three-point secure fit system. It’s been designed to fit as many ears as possible, after scanning hundreds of ears and testing different shapes. It also ships with three different sized silicone tips. Each earphone only weighs less than 14 grams too.

There’s 23 days to go on the project, and it’s already smashed its target of $260,000 in pledges. If you want to see it get to market and support it, head on over to the project page. RRP will be $299 when launched. Kickstarter pledges of $179 or more will get you a set though, so you’ll be saving at least $100 by pledging.

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  • Save $100 to be a beta tester and hope all the hardware is worked out. Battery life seems a bit weak too. I 100% see this as being the next Pebble, with Samsung following suit. Freaking sweet concept.