This Week on TiP #4 – Apple is doomed, iPad 4 returns, Apple TV console and the perfect smartwatch

In this week’s episode of Cam round’s up some of the week’s most interesting and discussion-worthy pieces. A book caused a stir among Apple experts as being lacking in facts and evidence, but still putting the case forward that the company is struggling. We also saw the return of the iPad 4, fresh Apple TV rumors

Apple is doomed

iPad 4 returns

Apple TV release soon

Moto 360 is my perfect iWatch

Twelve South Rutledge BookBook

Henge Docks Gravitas

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  • TBN27

    LMAO about the beard. As far as Apple bringing back the iPad 4, I feel is the best decision they have done. It is a very capable and still quick device that can be had if the iPad Air is not attainable. It is like what the iPhone 5s is to the iPhone 5C. As far as a game console goes, sorry I still love my home consoles. But I would welcome it with open arms and play certain games on it. What could be the biggest thing that apple can be bringing out in my opinion is if they forego the iWatch and surprise everyone. Wearable tech to me seems gimmicky still. I am sure looking forward to the next iPhone however. I can souldier on with my iPhone bit because the carrier I use (T-Mobile) is evolving, I will have to upgrade to be able to take advantage of the extended 4G radio waves and experience a more constant LTE connection.