I want Apple to make an iTV instead of an iWatch

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We’ve all heard the rumors: this is finally the year of the iWatch. Tim Cook hinted at the fact that Apple is likely going to enter new markets in 2014, and most speculate that the iWatch is going to be the next big thing out of the Cupertino labs. However, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think an iWatch will be necessary. At this point, I’d rather see Apple focus on making a product where it can be truly innovative, and bring something completely new and unexpected to the table. Yes, I want Apple to make an iTV rather than an iWatch.

If there is ever an iWatch, we all know what it will do, and what it could look like (we’ve had enough concepts that nothing would be new at this point, right?). We’ve heard the rumors of health sensors and trackers, so nothing will be a surprise. However, one thing that we don’t know much about? The rumored iTV.

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While it was a fairly popular rumor for a while, we haven’t heard much about the Apple iTV since the iWatch rumors caught fire last year. The health sensor and design concept rumors surrounding the iWatch took over Apple news everywhere and made people forget that rumors about the iTV even existed. But the main issue I have with the iWatch is there are already companies making good smartwatches. Pebble Steel looks awesome, and Motorola’s new Moto 360 smartwatch looks awesome. Can Apple really improve enough on the smartwatch to make it revolutionary in the industry? I don’t really think so.

However, the television market hasn’t changed a whole lot. Sure there are smart TVs, but that is essentially adding WiFi and a Netflix app. Maybe even a really slow web browser too. But there’s nothing revolutionary about today’s smart TVs. I think that Apple could enter the market and actually make a huge difference by introducing a whole new interface concept to television, as well as changing the way we view content through our TVs now.

When it comes down to it, recent smartwatch announcements have taken away the excitement for an iWatch to me. I really don’t care about the product anymore, and I would rather see Apple invest its time into a product that could impact the market in a completely different way and bring something new to the table that’s more unexpected.

The past few years, we’ve expected just about everything Apple’s announced. We’ve seen leaks, rumors, and those have taken away the “wow factor” from Apple announcements. The best way for Apple to put its name out there again as a leader in the industry, and surprise everyone, would be to focus on the iTV instead of an iWatch.

Would you prefer Apple to release an iWatch or an iTV and why? Sound off in the comments section below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

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  • Hondamaker

    The iWatch sounds cool as long as Apple blows our minds with something different. An iTV with a completely new and innovative interface would be sweet.

  • Yung Flocka

    The apple itv because theres no reason for a iwatch because sony, samsung, and google are already making smart watches

  • Aggie4lyfe