Unboxing ZAGG’s answer to the Otterbox Defender – Arsenal for iPhone 5/5s

ZAGG recently launched its Arsenal case for iPhone 5/5s with the sole intention of taking on Otterbox, Ballistic and Griffin. It costs $59 and is available from ZAGG.com in a handful of colors, and judging from its build quality and construction, it’s great value for money. On first looks alone, it feels incredibly well-made. It also comes shipped with one of ZAGG’s Invisible Shield screen protectors, it’s splash proof and impact resistant. And it’s not too bulky either.

It’s two materials combine to great effect. The softer inner case has raised air cushions on for your iPhone to rest on, while the edges are protected by stiffer ridges. On the outside, it protects your phone using a tough polycarbonate shell, and the “tougher than glass” Invisible Shield screen protector.

Available now from: http://www.zagg.com/rugged-iphone-5s-case/8507

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