Top 5 Sports News Apps

Being a huge sports fan, I find iOS to be a fantastic tool for gathering sports information, be it scores, news and more. With that in mind, there are some great sports apps out there that cover a very wide range of sport, and I’ve brought together five of my favourite!

ESPN SportsCenter – Free

ESPN offers a fantastic interface, with a great range of videos, news, scores, stats and standings. Your direct access to the ESPN newsroom, its notifications and awesome Twitter integration make it a fantastic tool for garnering a wide range of sports news from across the web, so you never miss a kick off, or breaking news. Its Clubhouse feature offers an awesome way to keep all of your team’s news under one roof. For me, the standout feature is the interface, but this is an excellent all round app.


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CBS Sports – Free

CBS Sports is a fantastic roundup of all the US sports out there. It covers football, both NFL and NCAA, as well as Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Soccer. You can personalise push notifications, as well as receive live video. Another great feature is CBS Sports Radio, which can also be livestreamed. Like ESPN, this app boasts a great interface ,  as well as some great unique features, such as Bracket Manager, which even lets you compete against your friends and the rest of the nation as your favorite NFL team rides the season.


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Sky Sports Live Football Score Center – Free

For all of you soccer fans out there, Sky Sports Score Center offers unrivalled football coverage of all the world’s top teams and leagues. It features a well updated live Vidiprinter, live commentary, photos and betting odds! It provides comprehensive lineups and stats, as well as live league tables. For dedicated soccer news, there really isn’t a better app around.


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Team Stream – Free

Those of you familiar with Bleacher Report will know that they offer an excellent online service, with excellent journalism and fantastic media to accompany it. Team Stream is the iOS companion to Bleacher, allowing you to select a team and bring together all the stories and information surrounding your team, taken from various sources across the web, featuring local news outlets as well as national sites and blogs. Again, Team Stream boasts an excellent interface, and for the dedicated sports fan, this is one of the best apps around.


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BBC Sport – Free

If you’ve seen any of my other top 5s, you’ll be aware of my high praise for the BBC. Whilst this may not be the most revolutionary app around, a solid user experience is supported well by fantastic, unbiased journalism and in-depth reports on all manner of sporting issues. It’s a great place to find facts and statistics, as well as catch up on interviews an highlights.  Yellow may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the BBC’s coverage of sport is second to none.


App Store

Your top 5?

So those are my top 5 sports apps. Do you use any different apps? Be sure to leave your own top five in the comments below, or any suggestions you may have!



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  • Brian

    I’ve been using Chat Sports the last couple of weeks – sports news aggregation for your team (US teams). Awesome.

  • M3rl1n0

    I’m using Footballover and I’m loving it! I think that is the best live scores app on ios market