SurfacePad for iPad mini – the perfect case for your iPad [Review]

IMG_9754Those that oft read my reviews will look at this and immediately know why I love this case…red. But aside from that, there are many other reasons I have come to love the newest edition to TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad lineup. I’ve had this on my iPad for a few days now, and don’t currently see a reason I would take it off.

Spoiler: If you drop your iPad often, don’t buy this case. TwelveSouth made this case for people who aren’t going to drop their devices often, as the edges of the device are left completely uncovered (aside from the left which is covered by the piece of leather connecting the back and front). This case is for those that like to have something on their device to keep it from scratching or getting dirty, but are also somewhat careful with the device. You don’t want to be throwing it around in the SurfacePad.

One of the first things I noticed when picking up my iPad in this case is just how absolutely amazing it feels. The leather exterior feels fantastic in hand, and I often find myself just running my hand over the outside because it just feels that great. It feels premium, and looks the part too. I remember when TwelveSouth came out with SurfacePad for iPhone 5 and it called it the case for people who don’t want a case. It keeps it thin and slim, adding the least amount of bulk possible.

IMG_9760I also own the Apple Smart Cover, and now that feels obsolete after using this case. The SurfacePad outdoes what Apple has done by completely removing the origami-like folds and instead having a flat front cover with built in magnets to use for the stand. Yes, it stays standing with magnets. Pretty awesome. There are two angles, a 60 and a 70 degree angle. But, you want to use your iPad for typing! Don’t worry, there’s a secret kickstand that hides nicely under the iPad allowing you to move your iPad into a typing angle. If I had to knock the SurfacePad in any way, it would be here. The kickstand is a little hard to get used to, and doesn’t always do the job of keeping the iPad in a typing position. It isn’t that bad, but has some room for improvement.

For those of you not like me and obsessed over everything and anything red, you can also get this fantastic case in black or white, which both look just as great as the red one I’ve gotten. It has a nice microfiber feel on the part of the case that touches the iPad screen when closed, so you can rest assured that it won’t be scratching your iPad’s display while it is closed and in a bag or sitting on a table/desk, etc. All your ports and buttons are left easily accessible as the outside edges that contain the volume buttons, power button, headphone jack, and Lightning cable are – as previously mentioned – all left completely uncovered, which may or may not be bad depending on what you are looking for.

Working with both the iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display, I can’t recommend this case enough. As I stated near the beginning, if you are clumsy or likely to drop your iPad mini often, this just isn’t for you. This is for someone who wants a case that will protect their device from scratches and keep it covered while in a bag or on a desk. If you are someone that wants a premium feeling case that will protect your iPad from scratches and getting dirty, this case is awesome, and I definitely think you should check it out. The SurfacePad for iPad mini can be bought from TwelveSouth for $69.99. Check out the gallery below for more pictures.

What do you think? Are you a fan of TwelveSouth? Going to be picking one of these up? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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  • Lee Houghton

    I’m really tempted by this case. How does it feel when you want to hold the ipad one handed, to read something for example? Does the cover get in the way? Does it feel like it adds much weight? I use a Smart Cover at the moment, which isn’t perfect, but I like that it just detaches when I want to hold the ipad in one hand.

    • Cam Bunton

      I’ll get my hands on one this Thursday and let you know. Twelve South has a stall at CU Exposed in London.