Reuters: Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone “ready for release”

Forgive me for picking this up late, but there was understandably little excitement when yet another rumor of Microsoft Office coming to iOS very soon. Ever since The Daily (remember that?) leaked an image of Office running on an iPad a couple of years back, we’ve been hearing that the Windows-makers are close to launching its popular word-processor on to the App Store.

Late Thursday, Reuters – a well connected and usually reliable blog – reported that the program is actually ready for release. The only thing standing in its way is whether Satya Nadella, the company’s new CEO, decides to press the “launch” button.

office-120221That leaked image (above) comes from November 2011. That’s how long we’ve been hearing these rumors. The Daily then repeated its stance in late Spring 2012, and a “confirmed” leak from Microsoft’s Czech Republic-based offices last kept the rumor mill spinning. So you’ll have to forgive me if this post doesn’t contain a huge amount of excitement or certainty. Truth is, Microsoft’s been on the verge of launching Office or iPad for so long, that I’ve given up on it ever happening.

The question now is: Do we need it? There are already so many great document editors on the App Store, many are cross-platform and cloud-based. I’ve personally never created a heavily-formatted word document on the iPad. I normally opt for something like Simplenote or iA Writer that gives me basic text editing features, and then go back to it on my Mac when I get home to add the finishing touches.

How about you? Would you use Office for iPad?

Source: Reuters


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  • Darren

    Considering they’ll probably charge money for it, I’ll stick to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. They’re free and work well enough for me.

  • Even if it was free, I have no interest in anything Microsoft releases anymore. I have nothing but trouble with their products.

  • Winski

    BORING AND 3 years too late ……..