Microsoft Word for iPad – First Look

Microsoft just unveiled its Office Suite for iPad (better late than never), which includes the mainstay of work offices everywhere: Microsoft Word. In the modern age, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t relied on Word for at least some part of the education or work life. It’s why so many, for so long have waited painfully patiently for it to land on the App Store.

Cam takes a first look at the Word app. And for those of you worried, no, it’s not just a badly rehashed version of its desktop programs. It’s been fully optimized for iOS and iPad’s display, and on first impressions, it’s rather wonderful. Its interface is clean, it’s fast, responsive and has virtually all the tools you could possibly need from a word processor. What’s more, it’s compatible with Word files that everyone in the real world still uses for creating documents.

App Store link:

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