Office for iPad announcement expected at Microsoft’s March 27 event

MSOffice2Microsoft has announced that it will be holding an event next week on March 27th. This will be the first event with the new CEO Satya Nadella, and is expected to be the introduction of the “mobile first, cloud first” strategy that has been talked about for the company going forward. Highly expected to be announced at this event is Office for iPad, something that has been rumored to be coming for years at this point.

We saw Office 365 get a release on iPhone last June, however it has been absent from the larger display up until now. Unfortunately, according to The Verge, the iPad version of Office – just as with the iPhone counterpart – will require an Office 265 subscription in order to be used to edit documents. There is rumored to be full document creation and editing support for the big 3 Microsoft products: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Microsoft has been on a role recently with Apple-related news, as OneNote – Microsoft’s note taking program – is now available for free in the Mac App Store. The event for Office on iPad will be taking next Thursday, March 27th. The Verge also notes how this event will setup Microsoft for what is to come at its Build conference which will be taking place shortly after next week’s announcements.

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Via: The Verge


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