iPhone 6 rumored to have improved camera, larger edge-to-edge screen

Is it possible that we will see yet another new screen size for the next iPhone? After five generations of the iPhone keeping the same 3.5 inch display, two years ago Apple finally upgraded the screen to the current 4 inch display found on the iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s. However, if the rumors are true, Apple will once again be changing the screen size after just two years. A new picture emerged today which appears to show the front panel of the iPhone 6 next to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 front panels.

iPhone 6 Screen

The photo, seen above, seems to show a new iPhone screen that maintains the same size of the front panel, while increasing screen size by completely removing the side bezels and further slimming down the top and bottom bezels as well. While this is certainly not an official picture, the rumors of an edge-to-edge iPhone screen have been circulating for quite some time, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to me to see a screen similar to the one pictured make an appearance on the next version of the iPhone.

In addition to screen rumors, another rumor surfaced today on the Chinese network, Weibo, that claims the iPhone 6 will feature an 8MP camera, as seen on the past few iPhone models, but will feature a new f/2.0 aperture. This new rumored aperture size would allow the iPhone 6 to take better images in low light situations and improve the overall camera quality for iPhones. In addition to the new aperture size, the company is also reportedly going to increase the sensor size to improve image quality as well.


As is the case with almost every iPhone upgrade, it seems like the camera and image quality will be an important feature in the update to the iPhone 6. While these rumors should definitely be taken with some skepticism, they aren’t too crazy to not be true. It is definitely possible that Apple will look to improve the image quality again, and while a change in screen size would seem like a quick change for Apple, the market is moving in the direction of larger screens, and Apple could very well follow suit.

Would you like to see the iPhone 6 have a larger edge-to-edge screen, or do you still prefer the ease of one-handed use provided by the current 4 inch screen? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Sources: Weibo (translated), NWE (translated)

Via: PhoneArena (1), (2)

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  • Jordan Bonsante

    I like the thought of having the ability to use the phone to text or search one handed, but I would also like the iPhone 6 to have a bigger display. I would like one 4.7 inches or smaller. Not too big.

    • RedGeminiPA

      If the physical width remains the same, one-handed use could still be very possible on a slightly larger screen. It will depend on how the back of the iPhone is shaped.

      • I feel like even if the width is the same, added height to the screen (because of the smaller bezels) could still make one handed use difficult for people with smaller hands

      • Jeff

        If the physical width stayed the same and the screen was an inch longer. The phone would look silly. Apple will need to keep normal wide screen ratios.

        If people want a smaller phone for one handed operation, that is fine, let those people by the smaller screen. But, personally, I use 2 hands 99% of the time when typing except when dialing a phone number. And for that there is voice recognition, if necessary :-)

  • Erik Nordlund

    That’s fake.

  • touchedmysoul09

    I’d prefer a bit larger screen, but not much bigger. I’d want a better battery over a larger screen size, no question.

  • zerilos

    Pretty sure it’s fake. The screen on the left is wider than the other two screens (not including the bezel). The iphone 4 was the same width as the iphone 5, so at least one of the screens is fake. Measure the screens if you dont believe me.

    • RedGeminiPA

      The screen width difference is an optical allusion. If you look at the bottom bezel closely, there’s no noticeable difference in width.

      The proximity sensor openings are hard to see due to lighting/quality of the picture.

      Though it would be very easy to fake the presumed “iPhone 6” screen, as seen by the way many aftermarket screen protectors are made now, this does seem possible.

      • zerilos

        It doesn’t appear to be an illusion. The screen and the bottom bezel on the left is measurably wider than the other two digitizers (screens being measured from interiors of side bezel). Perhaps the proximity sensor just isn’t showing up, so I could be wrong on that. I obviously the home button on the right digitizer is a fail. Possibly a manufactures defect but more likely an accident on the part of the person submitting faked photos.

  • zerilos

    Also the proximity sensor is missing from the center and right panels. The center panel (iphone 5 I assume) should have a hole to the left the front speaker, and it’s not there. nor is there one on the “iPhone 6”. The left screen is a legit iphone 4 screen, the other two are fake.

    • I think a lot of it has to do with the low quality of the image. I think it’s hard to tell if there’s the correct sensor hole there or not, plus on the black iPhones, it’s hard to see anyway. I can’t really see the proximity sensor in my iPhone 5 looking at it either, so I think the middle one at least is still a real front panel

  • RT

    The fact that the alleged front plate of the “iPhone 6” shares the same dimensions with the current iPhone 5/5s screen right next to it seems odd. Looks to me like it is the same front, but someone just removed some of the black surrounding screen to make it appear larger. I mean look at it. All the other elements of the “new” screen are in the same position as the 5/5s screen.

    • RedGeminiPA

      It could be Apple’s answer to a slightly larger screen that can still be used one-handed by a large number of buyers. I’m in.

  • nathan

    Edge to edge would look brilliant and definitely widen the gap with the competition in terms of aesthetics, especially after seeing Samsung’s ugly S5 lol.

    A bigger screen is a must for me, 4.5″ AT LEAST, but ideally closer to 5 :)

    • I absolutely agree. An edge-to-edge, if done right (like Apple could do) would look stunning on the iPhone and would give it the edge (no pun intended) against competitors. But I feel like 4.5″ to 4.7″ would be the perfect size

      • Adam Oram

        4.7″ would be the right size, I think

  • Caz Alexander

    If they don’t increase the screen size, I’m going over to Samsung.

    • Jeff

      Me too… 6″ preferred…But, I will probably settle for 5.7″. NO SMALLER that 5.7″.
      5.5 inch will for me to move to HTC or Samsung…and maybe even consider Nokia.

      • Adam Oram

        I don’t think you’ll see anything close to those sizes (at least not this time)

  • Nathan Bryant

    I understand it’s your job to report rumours , news, onions, etc, but I think it should be your job to debunk what’s obviously fake. Not saying the thought of this is fake, but the picture clearly is.

    Anyways, If it does become concrete I think Apple needs to make their OS a little more dynamic. The action doesn’t really happen in iOS until you go into an app.

    • The goal of the article was to point out that there is a picture floating around claiming that it was the iPhone 6 panel. I never claim that it’s real and in fact point out that all of these rumors should be taken with some skepticism. I also don’t want to be too quick to judge something as being obviously fake, because people also said Apple would never do a two-toned back on the iPhone again, and they did with the iPhone 5.

  • Jeff

    The whole idea of 1 handed operation is fine if you are in your 20’s – 40’s. But middle age people start needing glasses as a small screen is hard to see. So, we need 2 hands to zoom in to read and then with the smaller screen we see fewer words…VERY annoying. We also need 2 hands to zoom anyway.

    Finally, most people I see usually hold the phone with 1 hand and type with the other…again 2 handed operation.

    Finally, I really want a 6 inch display. But, may settle for 5.7″. Any smaller I will buy a Samsung Note 2/3 or HTX MAX or Nokia 6″ phone.

    I hope apples realizes that “size does matter” and if they disappoint again with a small iPhone 6, their stock may fall faster due to loosing more market share to Droid.

    • While I could see a larger screen happening, I think there’s almost no chance there will be a 6-inch display

      • Jeff

        I really want 6 inch… and I will settle for 5.7 inch.
        But, if the iPhone 6 is 5.5 inches I will go to Droid because I an tired of Apple coming up short and being disappointed for a few years.

  • jamie

    Not big enough. Staying with Samsung. I may never go back.

  • Jan

    I would like to see the next iphone 6 the same as the Galaxy S4.

  • Iphoner

    Still sticking with an 8mp camera!? Wow get with the times apple, I was expecting a 14mp plus camera. So disappointed

    • Adam Oram

      Remember, it’s not all about megapixels. Better optics and image processing can result in much better photographs than megapixels alone.

  • If Apple is to release a new, larger iPhone, I still think they’ll keep a 4-inch screen on a top-of-the-line device. They have optimized their experience for that screen size thus far, and it is the perfect size for one-handed use. Any larger iPhone would be better suited for other people. In short, it would not be an abandonment of the 4-inch display.

    That said, will they do it? Time will tell.