iPhone 6 said to be powered by TSMC-made A8 chip [rumor]


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is yet again being mentioned alongside Apple in a report that predicts Cupertino will use TSMC to build the A8 chip for the next iPhone. Taiwan’s Commercial Times states that “most” of the orders for the next iPhones processor are being handed to TSMC and not Samsung.

This report will come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following Apple for the past couple of years. With every new device, a rumor comes from somewhere that Cupertino is ready to ditch Samsung in favor of TSMC for its ARM-based processors. Every year we see tear-downs of devices, and there’s never a TSMC chip in sight. So it’s worth taking this with a large pinch of the usual seasoning.

If you were to ask me outright whether or not this was going to happen, I’d bet “no”. We see it every single time we’re leading up to a new device. And it never pans out. Back in January there was a similar rumor – from Taiwan – once again stating that Cupertino was opting for the 20nm TSMC chips for the iPhone 6. But we’ve heard it with the iPhone 5s, iPad mini and iPad Air. Generally speaking, Samsung secures the largest portion of orders for Apple’s custom-designed processors. Other companies are used to help supplement and improve yield rates, but Sammy is the go-to manufacturer.

Truth is, no one except Apple’s designers and chief engineers will know what’s coming in the pipeline. TSMC may well get the order of processors from Cook&Co, but I highly doubt that it will.

Source: Economic Times
Via: AppleInsider

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  • CK

    So looking back on this article today (August 15, 2014), this author was so wrong in predication and analysis.