iOS 8 feature concept adds simple “settings search” tool, could be incredibly useful


With every new version of iOS comes more apps and more features, which inevitably means more options in Settings. Every now and then, that means Apple moves settings to different categories, or gets rid of an option. Finding what you’re looking for in the Settings app gets more complicated, even for me, and I work with iOS day in and day out.  But, if the company were influenced by concept designers, perhaps it could be made much easier.

The concept GIF above is a short animation by Christoph Fahlbusch and shows how easy it could be if a simple Spotlight search tool was embedded in the Settings menu. Instead of hunting around for what you need, type it in the field and it’ll take you straight there. In theory, it’s similar to how the “help” search tool works in OS X on Mac, and is one of the most useful features on the Mac’s operating system.

What do you guys think? Should Apple implement something like this in to iOS 8?

Source: Dribble
Via: CultofMac

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  • RedGeminiPA

    Why not? It would be useful.

  • Adam Oram

    With so much in the Settings app these days, this would be a really useful feature

  • james braselton

    hi there great concept i want soo much apple i want these features

  • Danny

    I would rather hire UX Designers to work on better hierarchy within settings.