After iOS 7.1, iPhone battery not making it past 4 hours use for 30% of TiP poll takers

ios 7.1 battery

A couple of days after iOS 7.1 was released to the public, it became clear that a few users were really struggling with battery life problems. Some were dropping to 10% battery just after midday having charged it fully overnight. While it wasn’t affecting everyone, we published a poll to see what the situation was like among our readership. Turns out, things aren’t brilliant for the majority of those who took part.

28% of the 1,070 respondents struggled to get even 4 hours of use from their iPhones. That said, the majority were between 4-8 hours, with only 15% stating that their batteries were performing admirably, and getting over 8 hours use on a single charge.

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I have to say, mine’s not been great. I barely made it through the day yesterday and spend the last few hours of the day with my screen brightness all the way down and mobile data switched off. But, mine’s nowhere near as bad as some of these 2-4 hours use cases. That’s pretty shocking. Let’s hope the fix comes along with iOs 7.1.1.

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  • perthy

    i think siri s to blame.i turned it off,battery was great

  • diwas

    battery has been draining too much i cannot use my phone even for 4 hrs after full battery..biggest problem to iphone untill now…

  • ViGuy

    My iPhone 4 was 100% charged before I went to bed; all apps were closed, when I woke up, the phone was dead. Thanks iOS 7.1

  • dsfs

    lol get a nexus 5, problem solved

  • Pissedoffappleguy

    I’m pretty upset by this I’ll be sitting in class airplane mode on btw and not even into for 3 period class boom dead like wth apple def switching to the Galaxy phone

    • Hunter

      Turn Bluetooth off and clear your running apps by double clicking the home button quick and swipe apps upward. Also, turn wifi off when you’re not connected to it.

  • Kingsb

    Hi, GPS icon was on all the time suddenly after 7.1 and that could be the reason for battery draining, not sure though. I had to check the settings and found out that “Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Reminders” needs to be turned off. Than that GPS arrow like icon disappeared. I also don’t know about you mates but my iPhone 5s needs to get charged every day and a half, I don’t play any games however.

  • Michael

    My iPhone 5 had some issues at first but I watched a video on YouTube and they showed me some things I could turn off and adjust and my battery life has been great! I would suggest going to YouTube and looking up the videos and that should help.

    • pcinsc

      what is the link to the video on YouTube that helped you? thnx

      • Michael

        Just type in iphone battery life and you should have several to choose from. That’s what I did.

  • Jose

    My iPhone dies on like 7% it doesn’t even reach 1%

  • Anuja

    Truly frustrating to have the battery die so quickly. I will try switching off Siri.

  • 1droidfan

    I just switched to an iPhone. I charged it fully 2 days ago and its still at 50%. That includes a bunch of game playing also ( Oceanhorn, Tiny Wings ) and downloading a lot of apps. You guys just have way too much stuff turned on is my guess. I turned off Bluetooth ( don’t use it ), GPS for anything I don’t feel needs it, background app refresh, and push email ( checks 3 accounts every 5 minutes ). My feeling is that it can easily go 3 days, maybe 4 before needing a charge.

  • Siyah

    Cellular data switching back ON after I switch it off. So something I don’t realize and when the battery is lower when I check still data is on when I switch it off

  • Victoria H

    Mine drains to 80% with me answering to less than 10 texts. I leave the house with 100% charge!!!