iOS 7.1 hidden features and minor changes – Walkthrough

With an iOS update, there are always some features and improvements that almost go unnoticed. With iOS 7.1, there were a good number of minor changes to the platform we know and love. A few were found in various parts of the settings menu, while others were small changes to the user interface.

In this video, Cam walks through all the ones we’ve spotted so far. Let us know which ones you noticed right away and which ones Cam missed in the video. Use the comments to sound off, or grab his attention on Twitter: @TiP_Cam

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  • Rick Rudge

    I love the bolder keyboard. I’m not sure if I like how the caps key selection works, but I’ll get used to it. One thing that I’ve really enjoyed is that the calendar now shows your events better and showing holidays now, which has been sorely missing. I’m glad to see that. I’m not sure if you have different British oriented holidays showing that we don’t get. I hope so. Thanks for the posting.

  • dodge321

    I would like apple to have added the @ symbol to the main keyboard instead of swapping to the secondary using the 123 key in the bottom corner