Best music discovery apps: Band of the Day, Rormix, Soundwave and more!

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iOS devices can be great tools for music fans. It’s amazing that we can carry thousands of songs in our pockets to listen to any time and have instant access to apps like Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and so many other options for listening to music on the go. As a huge music fan, my iPhone in particular is heavily used as a music player.

But the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch aren’t just great tools for listening to music, they are also hugely useful devices for discovering new music and there are a number of music discovery apps on the App Store to help you find your next favorite song or artist. Here are some of the best…

Band of the Day

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Band of the Day, as the name suggest, unearths one band or artist per day for your listening pleasure. Utilizing a calendar-like interface, BoD presents to you a curated list of new and emerging talents across a verity of genres and gives you free access to their music. The app will also give you a little backstory on the band or artist with videos and photographs. Perfect for discovering some underground talent.

Free – Download now for iPhone and iPad


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Rormix is a platform for discovering unsigned and emerging artists with access to their music videos. You can search for music by genre to find things that suit your taste, search for artists by name or see what’s popular. Each artist page will give you “Similar To” suggestions to help you figure out if a band or artist is for you

Free – Download now for iPhone


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Ever heard a song playing on the radio or in a store and wondered what it was? Well, with Shazam you can find out in seconds. The app can listen to music around you and work its magic to figure out exactly what’s playing. Not only that, it will give you a link to iTunes to purchase the track and present you with YouTube videos from the artist as well as the song lyrics. An ad-supported version of Shazam is free, or ad-free Shazam Encore can be downloaded for $6.99/£4.99.

Free – Download now for iPhone and iPad

$6.99/£4.99 – Download now for iPhone and iPad


SoundHound screens

SoundHound is another great music identification app that can recognize the music around you. SoundHound will work out what the track is, present you with an iTunes download link, lyrics and more within seconds. The app will also show you what tracks are popular near you too. An ad-supported version of SoundHound is available for free, or the ad-free SoundHound ∞ is available for $6.99/£4.99.

Free – Download now for iPhone and iPad

$6.99/£4.99 – Download now for iPhone and iPad


Soundwave screens

Soundwave is a social network/music discovery crossbreed. Soundwave lets you instantly share, comment on, discover and catalogue your music for free. Follow your friends and family as well as celebrities, musicians, sports stars and so on to see what songs they are playing and discover some new music along the way. You can instantly sync songs played in your Music app, Spotify or Rdio account so there is no manual uploading of songs to your Soundwave profile.

Free – Download now for iPhone

Your favorites?

We know that you guys and girls are awesome at finding some gems on the App Store! What are your favorite apps for discovering new music? As always, let us know in the comments or get in touch on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone or @adamoram.

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