Best Buy offers $150 trade-in credit for iPhone 4s/5

Best Buy has launched an iPhone trade in deal this week, offering customers $150 trade-in credit to anyone with an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5.

iPhone 5s

Any customer trading in a working 4s or 5 is guaranteed a $150 trade-in credit for any working model. This potentially means that you could bag yourself a free iPhone 5s. Best Buy sells the iPhone 5s 16GB for $149.99 on contract. So if you’re down to buy the 16GB iPhone 5s, a trade in will totally offset the purchase!


Via: iMore


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  • ickyboo

    What a rip off, sell it on eBay or and make atleast double that back.

    • Love

      BB is in the business making money, not giving away money so that’s how it works. iPhone 4s is about $200 on eBay minus all the eBay&paypal fees, you are going to ending up about $150, which is about the same.