5 Apps I couldn’t live without – Stephen’s choices


So you may or may not have caught Adam and Cam’s instalments of ‘5 Apps I couldn’t live without’, so now it’s my turn! This task is perhaps a little easier for me, unlike Cam and Adam, I don’t really hoard apps, and I find myself deleting apps fairly regularly because they are no longer useful, that being said I do have 5 apps without which I would feel at a total loss, so without further ado…

1. Spotify – Free


I love music, and without a doubt, Spotify is the most used app on my iPhone. Rocking a full subscription (currently included in my contract with Vodafone), Spotify has proved to be an indispensable tool of music playback for so many reasons. I love its interface, I love the ability to edit and sync playlists over the cloud, I love the ability to discover music from other artists and albums, and I love being able to share my music with my friends, as well as receiving their music too. I love the potential for streaming when I’m out and about, but most of all, I love that it doesn’t cost me $1 every time I want to download a song to listen too. Switching from iTunes to Spotify has literally saved me hundreds of dollars, and I hope that I never have to make the switch back.

2. Pages – Free


Whilst I have my gripes with Pages, being a university student, having Pages on both my iPad and my iPhone is an absolute must. Pages lets me take notes and view handouts in my lectures with relative ease, and it’s great to be able to consolidate all of my work under one app. Furthermore, the iCloud support means that I can access this work from any desktop computer in the world, which is possibly the finest feature of this app. More importantly it’s free, and it looks awesome.

3. Yahoo News Digest – Free


Since downloading this app only a few weeks ago, I’ve found it to be monumentally good. Yahoo News Digest provides me with a very select choice of the most important news stories of the day, summarised so they can be read in a matter of moments. The timings of the Digests are well placed, and the articles are always easy to read. They include great links to Wikipedia articles, maps and images. The app looks and feels great, and is so incredibly easy to use. This is news as it should be.

4. Dropbox – Free

screen480x480 (1)

As a tech blogger, I find myself using screenshots on a regular basis. Dropbox is a fantastic way to grab photos from my iPhone or iPad. It means I can view various files, including pictures and word documents on both of these devices, and I can easily transfer them to and from my computer, or even share them with my friends. Dropbox automatically uploads all of my camera snaps directly to my computer, which is the simplest way to share pictures. Excellent synchronization with OnSong also makes it an excellent tool for sharing and viewing sheet music, which as a musician, I very much appreciate.

5. Facebook – Free

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 Call this a sellout if you will, but the simple fact of the matter is that everyone, and I mean everyone uses Facebook. Facebook allows me to keep in touch with all of my friends, organisations and institutions I’m affiliated with, musicians and sports starts I support and enjoy, and company that I buy from. Facebook is the virtual hub of my whole life for numerous reasons, which means having it on my phone is a must. Go Facebook or go home.

Your top 5?

I suppose that for some of you, picking out the 5 apps you couldn’t live without would be a very easy task, but for others, it might a little harder. Leave your top 5 in the comments below!


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