Yahoo News Digests gets new atoms: Weather and Statistics

Blossoming news app Yahoo News Digest has received two new “atoms” in its first major update.

Yahoo News Digest is Yahoo’s latest iOS app, built around Nick D’Aloisio’s Summly algorithms. Released in January, it brings regular news digests at times of your choosing, summarising news from a whole host of sources. Those of you familiar with the app will understand atoms, the name given to specific categories of digests. Today, Yahoo News Digest has received two new such atoms, Weather and Statistics.

As you can imagine, Weather is a… weather digest. This is an interesting move because Yahoo already has a very successful standalone weather app. It’s doubtful that Yahoo News Digest’s Weather atom will fulfil the same ¬†purpose as Yahoo’s standalone weather app, but it could be a clear sign that Yahoo is looking to streamline some of its mobile services under one roof in the future.

There’s also a really cool “What you’ve read feature”, which provides you with a really nice overview of your digest history, what you’ve viewed and completed.

Extra features added are as follows: UK localization and content, a new sharing animation/function, the ability to share Cover Posters, indication of digest completion and various other bug fixes.

Yahoo News Digest is available with updates free from the iOS App Store now! App Store


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