WWE Network to debut on Apple TV today with in-app subscriptions

WWE NetworkAs was previously reported, World Wrestling Entertainment’s subscription service WWE Network is set to roll out on Apple TVs later today. The update has not yet hit Apple TVs, but the company’s help website confirms that users will be able to access WWE Network and purchase subscriptions through Apple’s set-top box.

If you purchase WWE Network through Apple TV with an iTunes account, you will be billed $59.99 (plus applicable tax) at the time of purchase for the six month subscription period

The second-generation Apple TV or newer (i.e. the black models) is required according to the WWE support site.

The launch comes after rumors that Apple demanded a 50% cut of any subscriptions to WWE Network made through the Apple TV, a departure from the company’s usual 30% requirement. It seems these rumors were either inaccurate or the two companies have been able to work out a deal since.

The WWE Network channel should be appearing on Apple TVs soon. Let us know in the comments when it lands on yours!

Update: It seems the WWE Network app is now live, for US and Canadian users at least


Via: 9to5Mac

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