WWE Network coming to Apple TV February 24th

WWE Network

Fans of Apple TV have experienced a drastic increase in content available on the little black box over the past year or so. Fortunately for users of the device, the adding of additional programming for Apple TV isn’t stopping just yet (and hopefully won’t any time soon). World Wrestling Entertainment, more commonly known as WWE, announced via Facebook that its WWE Network will be launching on the Apple device later this month.

In addition to launching on Apple TV, content will also be available to stream through WWE’s iOS apps, although both services will come at a cost. When it is launched on February 24th, the network will cost $9.99 per month, and will also require users to commit to a subscription of at least six months. The company also posted the response below on its Facebook page.

In order to experience WWE Network on an Apple TV, you must have a second generation or later (black) Apple TV and be a WWE Network subscriber. Once WWE Network is available, you will be able to launch the WWE Netowrk app directly from your Apple TV. Let us know if you have further questions! Thank you.

Although the response has since been deleted, it is still expected that we will see the WWE Network app launched on Apple TV on February 24th.

Source: MacRumors

Source: AppleInsider

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  • Gregz0r

    TiP_Cam I wish BBC iPlayer and BT Sport would come to Apple TV too.