Twitterrific update features hidden Flappy Bird inspired mini-game

ollie soars

You can’t move anywhere in the App Store without seeing a Flappy Bird clone. Ever since it became a hit title, developers started to copy it, even more so now that the original was pulled from the store a couple of weeks ago. Turns out, it exists in an app where you never thought it would show up.

Within the latest version of Twitterrific, a Flappy Bird inspired mini-game is hidden away. It features “Ollie” in a game called Ollie Soars, and according to Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog, it’s much harder to play than the original. To access, all you need to do is drag down on your home feed. Check his video below:

I’ve been using Tweetbot exclusively since I downloaded the new iOS 7 version last year, but this sneaky hidden feature in Twitterrific is almost enough to tempt me back to my old favorite Twitter client. If you have it installed, let us know what your top score in Ollie Soars is. Use the comments, or send your screenshots to @TiP_Cam on Twitter.

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