Top Stories This Week: iWatch and iOS 8, smartwatch+ tweak, Flappy Bird and more..

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January has ended, and we begin February (only 4 months until WWDC 2014 – it’s okay to be counting down already, right?), but not without a look back at the top stories of the past week. A nice variety for you this week too. We have the rumor that Apple’s work with bio-sensors and an app called “Healthbook” could completely transform the health tracking industry. We also reviews a great tweak for Pebble owners, compared the iPhone 5s and Lumia 1020 in a camera shootout as well as reviewing the intensely annoying Flappy Bird.

1.iWatch alongside iOS 8 to spearhead Apple’s reinvention of mobile health market

A detailed report from Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac states that Apple is looking to redefine the personal health tracking market. Using an app called “Healthbook” – combined with the iWatch and its supposed biosensors – we’ll be able to track blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate and a whole host of other things.

2.Get the Most Out of your Pebble with Smartwatch+ Tweak

Danny reviews a cool tweak that expands upon the limited features currently available with Pebble and iOS.

3.Flappy Bird App Review: Infuriatingly Addictive

Everyone’s playing it, everyone hates it but everyone’s addicted. We take Flappy Bird for a spin to see what the fuss is all about.

4.iPhone 5s vs. Lumia 1020 – Real-life Camera Comparison

Is the Lumia 1020’s camera really that good? Our comparison would suggest that it certainly packs a punch.

5.Tim Cook hints that new product categories could arrive by end of 2014

Last but not least, during the earnings call on Monday, Tim Cook eluded to the fact that the company is looking at possible new product categories for 2014. Will we see an iWatch? An Apple TV that acts as a games console? Who knows.

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