Top Stories This Week: iPhone 6 fake leak, best lock screen tweaks, Flappy Bird and more…

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There was lots to discuss this week. Whether you were working and had no time to catch up with the news, or simply occupied by Valentine’s Day plans, here’s our roundup of the top stories. Surprisingly, iPhone 6 made the rounds a couple of times. (Headlines are links to the original articles).

1. Is this our first look at the iPhone 6?

Although it pulled in a lot of eyeballs, and it fooled a lot of people, I took time to dissect it, and realized we shouldn’t have been so quick to publish. The answer was ‘no’. It isn’t the next iPhone. It’s a digital render based on one of Martin Hajek’s concepts. Link below to all the flaws I spotted:

(Why yesterday’s iPhone 6 “leak” was definitely a fake…)

2. Another great iPhone 6 concept – beautiful, slim and powerful

iPhone 6 – as I mentioned in the introduction – was everywhere this week. We saw a good number of concepts, we published a couple of them here. This one was incredibly slim, and although it featured a number of crazy features, it was very attractive.

3. My 6 Favorite Lock Screen Tweaks

Danny, our resident jailbreak guru rounded up his favorite lock screen tweaks. Check them out.

4. iPhone fan first in line for iPhone 6 in Tokyo, 7 months early

To stir up some publicity for himself, a Japanese Apple fan and blogger lined up for the next iPhone, just to say he was the first. He left shortly after being informed that no one knows when it’s going to be released yet. (As if he didn’t already know.)

5. Flappy Bird will be pulled from the App Store tomorrow

Flappy Bird was controversially pulled from the App Store by its developer. It became far more popular than the developer intended, and so he pulled it, claiming that he hated that it had become so addictive and that it was negatively impacting his quiet lifestyle.

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  • gettysburg11s

    Wow, thats insane, about the guy lining up for the iPhone 6 already. I mean, there is nothing wrong with lining up for your favorite device. I’ve done it myself once or twice. I think he may be a bit premature here.

    Love the iPhone 6 concepts, though I am skeptical about Apple using anything close to these. I do think Apple will use a 4.7 inch screen with an edge to edge screen though.

    Flappy Bird. Please. Next!

    • Adam Oram

      I think the iPhone 6 guy just did it for some publicity.