T-Mobile CEO John Legere responds to criticism from enraged BlackBerry fans after trying to sell them iPhones


T-Mobile-trolling blackberry users

BlackBerry diehards are as bad as any Apple or Android ‘fanboy/girl’ sometimes. The latest high-profile person to feel the brunt of Team BlackBerry’s force is T-Mobile CEO John Legere after he tried to sell them iPhones. The Tmo boss has now responded, stating that he hears BlackBerry users loud and clear.

Legere got an earful from BB fans after pitching them the iPhone 5s for $0 down as “a great offer for BlackBerry customers”. This promotion created a backlash from BlackBerry users forcing a response from the CEO.

John Legere tweeted out this message for BlackBerry fans:

Legere has apparently seen the error of his ways and has tried to appease BlackBerry fans who were offended by the marketing.

He added today:

Source: N4BB

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  • AnotherBillJ

    A year ago, I could see why T-Mobile would do this: BlackBerry phones weren’t moving and the future was bleak. That was then, this is now. While BlackBerry holds very little U.S. market share, it’s got some great phones that get better with each update (uh, 10.2.1, anyone?) and it looks like CEO John Chen is focusing on areas that should bring the company back.
    T-Mobile, do the right thing and admit this was a mistake and change the wording of future offerings so as to not offend anyone.

    • Adam Oram

      There would have been no harm in trying to sell iPhones if the marketing wasn’t worded as if all BB users should trade in their devices for iPhones. Giving subscribers choice is fine. I think BB users were just upset with the tone that the message gives off.