SlipStopper skins for iPhone and iPad add a protective layer, and stop unwanted slipping [Review]

For those of you who don’t like the hassle of having to remove your iPhone from a leather pouch, or having a bulky device with a case on, the choices for protecting your device are fairly limited. One option is slapping a skin on your iDevice.

SlipStopper’s skins are designed to match the look of your iDevice. For instance, iPhone 5c skins come in pink, yellow, green, blue and white to match the phone, and the iPhone 5s skins match the colors of that device too, complete with the two-tone scheme. They cost $19.99 and are available now from

As for quality, this is something of an odd review. I don’t use cases or skins on my iPhones. However, my wife has been using the pink iPhone 5c skin from SlipStopper for the past couple of months and exclaimed “this is the best thing ever” to me the other day. It prompted me to feature it on our site.

It’s a pretty simple accessory. It’s a couple of millimeters thick and made of a flexible, rubbery material which absorbs shock and has a shiny finish. What’s particularly great is that when placed on to a flat, smooth surface (like a table/desk), it becomes really grippy and will not slip. The shinier the surface, the stickier it gets. The image above has my iPad mini and iPhone stuck to a window using nothing but the skins on the back.

All in all, they do exactly what they’re supposed to. Sure, they may not be the highest in fit and finish, or the trendsetter in terms of style and design, but they’re practical and do a good job. A very solid effort.


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