Like Apple’s Touch ID, Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to ship with fingerprint sensor in home button

Reports today are suggesting that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will ship with a revolutionary fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. Hang on…

touch id

The rumor comes from SamMobile, which claims that the biometric security built into Samsung’s next flagship device will require you to swipe your entire fingerprint across the home button at a “moderate speed”. Building on the functionality of biometric security, users will be able to tie their fingerprint to system actions, including launching a specific app. There may also be something called “private mode”, which would reportedly allow users to open up documents, apps and widgets that were otherwise hidden. Biometric security could also be extended to password protected internet sites.

It had been hinted that Samsung might go down the route of iris recognition technology when it came to biometric security, however these latest rumors seem to suggest that Samsung will actually follow Apple and HTC in pushing fingerprint scanners in future devices. If this is true, Apple’s foray into biometric security may have altered the mobile development landscape, as fingerprint scanners and the like become and integral part of mobile design.

Via: Apple Insider
Source: SamMobile

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  • Samsungfanboy

    And as Samsung’s Galaxy line, iPhone 6 is rumored to ship with a bigger screen size.

    • Bill Thomas

      So what samsung Wasent the first company to release a bigger screen size….but Apple is the only phone maker with a finger print scanner on it’s home button.

  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    Apple is really taking a break until the fall. Apple TV would be nice in March.