• BillThomas

    Tells me that Apple should sponsor in the next Olympics and give out free iPhones or iPads to piss samsung off…

  • KyleFrost

    BillThomas  I second this.

  • Toasted_cracker

    TiP_Cam Samsung is graduating moving their selves into the realm of shit head.

  • Toasted_cracker

    TiP_Cam Samsung is gradually moving them selves into the realm of shit head.

  • Tuliomesa82

    Lol apple giving away free stuff lmao funny stuff

  • KeithWashington

    They’ve just given away $100,000,000 worth of iPads to school around the U.S last week. That’s Apple that is and they didn’t ask that the schools hide the logos of other products they may already be using.

  • TomMorrow

    on the Olympics! US Players Welcome! http://www.sportsbookx.net/