Prankster fakes being an Apple store employee, claims company invented polio [video]

On YouTube you’ll find a neverending sea of pranks if you look for them. This one in particular features Tyler Fisher, who dresses as an Apple Store employee and has a field day in NYC, misleading customers. To begin with, he spews of meaningless and made-up specifications, and it gets worse from there. Pretty entertaining stuff.. so far. At one point during dealing with a customer he offers to go “out back”, and grab as many products as he can fit in his pants in exchange for $5.

And then it gets worse, a lot worse. He also offers customers a 75% discount if they agree to a polio test and prove positive. Pretty poor taste on his part, given the number of people who suffered with it. He claims it’s because Apple created that disease along with others like lyme disease and syphilis.

To top it off, he advises a customer to by “an Android” since Apple stuff is a waste of money. So it starts and ends well, he probably could have done without the mention of diseases though.

Tip of the hat to Buster Heine at CoM for finding this.

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  • davidj

    _kylefrost It’s funny, but kind of a douche move, telling people Apple invented polio? That disease affected millions

  • _kylefrost

    davidj This is what happens when I set up IFTTT tweets, I don’t see what I tweet! But definitely agree, not a good thing to joke about.

  • davidj

    _kylefrost I mean the stuffing items down your pants, ok, a little outrageous but joking about polio, definitely not ok with that

  • mr_krustypants

    jimmyfishfinger BxsedRxptor I pretend to be a tirebuilder every day.

  • jimmyfishfinger

    mr_krustypants BxsedRxptor skylar acts like he is straight and likes pussy

  • AdrianAcevedo

    For real?! Over phones and operating systems! That guy is gay! Waste of people’s time. He needs to get a life. Or a girlfriend or something! He has nothing better to do!

  • jabombardier

    What a douche bag