Path finally updated to include refreshed iOS 7 look


Well, as they say, better late than never, right? Well, that apparently is the approach being taken by Path, the social media focused app, for its latest iOS update. After around 5 months of iOS 7 being used by the general public, the company has finally taken the time to update its iOS app to bring it in line with the design style of Apple’s latest operating system.

Here is how the update is described on Path’s blog post:

In Account, you’ll be able to update your profile photo, cover photo, email and other personal information. In Notifications, you’ll be able to manage notifications for your Inner Circle and your Friends. In Sharing you can manage all of the networks you can post to from Path.

The Shop has been redesigned to showcase our premium stickers and filters in a more simplfied way. You can browse premium stickers and filters or even upgrade to Path Premium by tapping on the buttons on the bottom navigation bar.

Although it seems ridiculous that it has taken so long for Path to get out an iOS 7 update, I’m glad to see that the company is still pushing forward the new look. To check out the app, head on over to the iOS App Store.

Source: TheNextWeb

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