NueVue leather iPhone case – the germaphobe’s perfect pouch [Review]

When it comes to iPhone cases, they’re a dime a dozen. And the problem facing a lot of manufacturers, 7 years after the first iPhone was announced and released, is creating something that stands out. From the outside, the NueVue might not do anything for you. But on the inside, and under the microscope, it’s an entirely different matter.

The case’s interior is lined with a special, innovative micro-fiber. Its purpose? To clean your iPhone’s display when you insert or remove your iPhone.

From the company’s site:

“Every NueVue case features BioCote® antimicrobial technology, which provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the life of the product — actively reducing levels of microbes on the surface and making it more hygienic. BioCote® will not wear off or wash away, and has been proven to reduce up to 99.9% of the microbes that may stain or degrade the device’s surface in two hours. The addition of BioCote® does not affect the performance or appearance of the product in any way other than providing antimicrobial protection.”

In daily life, it looks and feels a lot like your regular iPhone pouch. The quality Napa leather is well-stitched, and looks great. I particularly like the contrast of the red stitching and black leather. But, equally, the canvas options look good too. I find that particularly refreshing. Often times when you come across someone who’s created an innovative technology, the inventor isn’t particularly design focussed, and the finished product lacks a little style and class, leaving it feeling too much like a garden shed hack.

NueVue is no garden shed hack. It’s stylish, well-made and works well.

As for its cleaning properties, it works as well as you could hope. I tested it a number of times, leaving my hands to get oily, rubbing them in my unwashed hair, then smudging the screen. As you can see from the video, almost all traces of fingerprints and grime are gone just by placing the phone in the case and sliding it out. It’s great.

Overall, it’s really difficult to fault NueVue’s case. If I was to criticize one thing, it’d be that I’d like the cleaning fiber to extend further up to the top edges of the phone. Inevitably, with it having around 1cm of leather at the top edge, part of the iPhone’s front panel ends up not being cleaned every time.

If you’re fed up with wiping the smudges off your iPhone screen every time you want to use it, just get a NueVue case. It really is great. They’re available in a range of styles, materials and are priced between $44 and $63 over at


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